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4 Sales Tips for Every E-Commerce Business

26May, 2016
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Traditional sales tips can be used by non-traditional sales methods such as e-commerce sites with an equal or greater amount of success. The reality is that sometimes re-inventing the wheel is not necessary to do well in the field of sales. Instead, follow some time tested methods that can help you improve customer relationships while increasing your profits.

  1. Build a Rapport with Clients

New business is great, but established customers tend to buy from you again and again. Build rapport with loyal customers. E-commerce business owners have the unique advantage that they have a wealth of information provided by online customers. Use the information to help clients choose more of your products. Tailor your communication to advertise your products based on client preferences. Of course, any information provided by the customer should always be secured and not sold to a third-party.

  1. Actually Use the Tools You Have

Investing in technology for your e-commerce sales and marketing teams is not only a good idea, but absolutely necessary. The key is that you and your team actually use it. Make it fun for your team by getting your team to compete for honors based on their usage and knowledge of the technology you have in place.

  1. Create the Right Bundle for Customers for More Profits

If you sell a complex mix of products or services, you’ve probably set up some bundled deals. Customers will often request modifications or customizations of the bundles, but the bundles provide a good starting point and can help sell more and faster.

  1. Your Best Customers are your Best Advocates

The best customer in today’s social media era is the one who’s happy with your product or service and is willing to tell others about it. Think alpha moms and how they advocate kid products and services that they like. Other moms listen and many of them buy the products they “heard” about from these alpha moms.

Many firms set up rewards and recognition programs to keep these valuable customers happy. After all, word of mouth is still the best way to get referrals. Try to ensure that you have plenty of these talkative, happy customers to spread the word about your brand.

While some things have changed since the time the salesman knocked on your door hoping for a sale, people have not changed much in how they make decisions when shopping. Traditional sales tactics still work today, even in the age of mobile shopping and advertising. Establishing solid relationships with clients through various methods will build loyalty and continued growth of your e-commerce business.

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