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5 Annoying Things That Drive Online Customers Away

29Sep, 2015

If you are wondering why you customers don’t stay on your website for very long, now is a good time to re-evaluate your site design. There are a few things on e-commerce sites that put many customers off. It can range from annoying or loud music, animated GIFs or way too much content. Go through this checklist of five common annoyances that may be on your site:

1. Too much content. The rule is to get right to the point why your product will be the solution to your customer’s concerns or problems. Don’t spend too much time bragging about how great your product is. Instead, let your customer know how great it will be for them. For example, if you are selling mops don’t just tell customers that your mop is absorbent and convenient. Instead tell them how it will make mopping floors easier because it is absorbent and convenient. Too much content on your site will drive traffic away because it is going against the whole point of online shopping—speed and convenience.

2. Poor images. A site with bad pictures looks unprofessional and will make your customer question the quality of your product. Pictures that you post on your site should be clear and represent the product you are selling in the best possible way.

3. Music. When most customers visit a site, they don’t want to hear loud or irrelevant music on a site. It distracts them and makes them want to leave your site as quickly as they can. This is the opposite of what you want to happen on your site. The longer a customer is on your site, the more likely they will finish the transaction and maybe even buy extra items. If you do sell musical items, be sure you give your customers the option to turn down or shut off the volume.

4. Animated GIFS. While some e-commerce owners may think that the extra feature of having animated GIFS will make their e-commerce site stand out, it mostly annoys shoppers. After all, most online shoppers want to avoid anything that interferes with their shopping experience.

5. Dead Links. There is nothing wrong with supplying links so customers can get more information. But links that go nowhere are sloppy and frustrates most shoppers. Make sure you properly maintain your site to avoid error messages from any link placed on your e-commerce site.

From beginning to end, the design of your site should look like your favorite online site that you personally use to buy products. Next time, you go shopping, make note of things that annoy you and also of things that you find made your shopping experience more enjoyable and easy.

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