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5 Simple Tips for Increasing Your Engagement on Twitter

4Aug, 2014

Twitter has become very popular as a content marketing tool, and for good reason.  Twitter can be a great way to connect with customers or potential customers, in real time.  Through the power of the little blue bird, you can now provide customer service, answer questions, offer coupons or discounts, and even showcase photos of your products.

Although Twitter is a powerful social media marketing tool however, some businesses can become frustrated by the lack of engagement their accounts seem to elicit.  If no one is listening or responding, Twitter becomes the equivalent of yelling through a megaphone into a roomful of other people with megaphones. You get drowned out and ignored by the people you’re trying to reach.

Fortunately, there are some proven ways to increase engagement, gain new followers, and ramp up your marketing success on Twitter.  Here are some pointers for using Twitter to promote your brand that can help you get on the right track to effectively reaching your audience.

#1: Be Responsive
Twitter is all about conversations in real time. If you don’t engage with your audience, they won’t engage with you. If someone asks a question, give them an answer. If someone mentions your brand in a tweet, send them an at-reply indicating that you noticed.
Consumers respond well when you involve them in a conversation with your brand or company.

#2: Favorite and Retweet Other People’s Content
If something is relevant to your brand and your content, feel free to “Favorite” it.  Users like to feel like someone has noticed their tweets.  You can also retweet relevant content that makes sense for your brand’s Twitter page, although you shouldn’t retweet everything.  Content curation via retweets is a powerful tool, but make sure your profile doesn’t contain more retweets than original content.

#3: Use Hashtags
Using hashtags makes your content easier to find. Twitter does have a “search” function, and using a few relevant hashtags can make it much more likely that your posts get noticed.  Now that being said, you don’t need to use too many hashtags per tweet, nor do you want to use hashtags that are completely irrelevant.

Another hashtag technique to get attention on Twitter and increase engagement is to jump onto currently trending hashtags.  Be careful with this, though. Companies in the past have embarrassed themselves by blithely tweeting current trending tags without looking them up first— only to find later that the tweet had to do with a serious tragedy or national disaster, making them look horribly insensitive.  When done right, however, getting in the conversation around a currently trending tag or topic on Twitter can help you boost engagement.

#4: Avoid Using Automated Direct Messages
Automated direct messages (DMs) with generic marketing messages don’t usually work well.  Users tend to find them more annoying than interesting, and sometimes it will even cause them to unfollow you. Direct messaging on Twitter can be useful sometimes, but overall, it’s not the best approach to marketing on the platform.

#5: Use Pictures in Your Tweets
Images catch people’s eye and draw their attention to your tweets, making them more likely to be read and retweeted.  Using pictures on Twitter is an easy way to significantly boost your engagement. Also, remember that a tweet doesn’t have to revolve around the picture itself; you can also include a relevant image in your tweets that relates to your text.

Avoiding Twitter is like ignoring a mile long line of customers outside your front door.  They want to be let in, they want to connect, and ultimately they want to engage with your company.  Follow the steps above, and you should be able to give those customers exactly what they want.

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