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6 Fatal E-Commerce Mistakes You Should Avoid

2Nov, 2015
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New e-commerce store owners can become overwhelmed and try to cut corners to keep their business running smoothly. In the process they can cause more problems with these common mistakes:

1. Hiring multiple service providers for your e-commerce site

Trying to integrate different applications, plug-ins and services will not always yield the best results just because each is great on its own. A customer’s experience can suffer and it can be costly to your business if any site problems come up. Instead consider hiring one or two solid companies with various offerings to do everything you need.

2. Ignoring reporting tools

Find reporting tools, free or paid, that will help you to keep track of your cash. Tools like ROI trackers can help manage which of your efforts are generating sales, and inventory controls can help you keep track of how quickly you selling your products. The more data you can track, the more information you will have when making decisions.

3. Being inflexible to changes

The e-commerce world changes so rapidly that if your original idea or strategy is not working you have to be ready to let that concept go and create a new one to succeed. The good news is that due to the fast pace of e-commerce you can put a new plan into effect quickly.  Running an e-commerce store makes it very easy to try new things as often as you would like and pause, modify or end them.

4. Selling Associated Products on One Site

Some businesses will try to grow by selling more products or expanding their target market. This is not always a good idea because it does not resonate from customer’s point of view.

Let’s say, for example, you are selling smart phone. While smart phones and DVD players are both electronics, only a limited number of customers are going to be in the market to buy them both at the same time. Consumers who already have a DVD player are not going to see any value in being presented with that same DVD player while they are looking to buy a smart phone.

Additionally, when a customer is shopping for a new DVD player down the road, they are probably not going to remember that your e-commerce store offers them because there is no reason for the DVD player to be associated in their mind with the smart phone purchase they previously purchased. In this situation, it would be better to have two websites- one dedicated solely to smart phones and one dedicated to DVD players. An exception would if your e-commerce store will carry a full line of the most popular consumer electronics.

5. Rush into new ventures

If you are a small business or just starting out in e-commerce or cannot truly afford to be the first one in your industry doing something new let someone else try first. You will learn from their successes and failures. This will help you formulate a solid plan all the while.

6. Recycling resources

If you had an e-commerce store previously you may be considering recycling resources. But consider this—piecing together old resources can cause a lot of trouble down the road with lost logins, incorrect account information, outdated contact information and disputes over ownership. It’s best to start an online store completely from scratch. It will avoid confusion as your e-commerce store grows and expands.

Final note: Reinventing the wheel is not necessary for your e-commerce business to succeed. Learn what works from successful e-commerce business owners and follow their plan. Wait until you are one of the top e-commerce sellers in your field, then you can experiment with resources and ideas.

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