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Am I Mad of Talking to Myself?

28Jun, 2011
Talking to self

We’re all talking to ourselves every moment of our lives, except during certain portions of our sleeping cycle. We’re seldom even aware that we’re doing it. We all have a running commentary in our heads on events and our reactions to them. Here are some tips to remember:

– Be aware of the silent conversations you have with yourself. Are you a nurturing coach or a critic? Do you reinforce your own success or negate it? Are you comfortable saying to yourself, “That’s more like it.” “Now we’re in the groove.” “Things are working out well.” “I’ll do it better next time.”

– When you fail, view it as a temporary inconvenience, a learning experience, an isolated event, and a steppingstone instead of a stumbling block.

– When you have even a small success, reinforce that success by rewarding yourself and feeling pride, rather than feeling lucky or guilty for the attention.

– When you receive a compliment for any reason, simply respond, “Thank you.” And accept value graciously whenever it is offered.

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