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How Amazon Helps Ecommerce Sellers Grow their Product Sales

26Sep, 2017
How Amazon Helps Ecommerce Sellers Grow their Product Sales

Selling on may seem intimidating to small or new ecommerce sellers, but it is one of the easiest ways for ecommerce sellers to increase product recognitions and of course, online sales. With just a few simple steps, you can gain brand recognition and customer loyalty. Additionally, ecommerce sellers can make additional money by linking products on their website store. And of course, the fulfilment options through Amazon make it easy to become a global seller.

1. Build an Ecommerce Site

Setting up an ecommerce store is easy and best of all Amazon offers a free trial through WebStore. Sell from your own branded ecommerce site and on at the same time!

You will also gain access to millions of customers shopping on Amazon. You can design your online store and launch your store on public domain name.

Ecommerce sellers can also manage multiple online stores under one account and get automatic submission of your store details to search engines. Strong marketing is essential to the success of any ecommerce seller. Amazon provides ecommerce sellers with proven marketing features that include customer reviews, product bestsellers.

2. Exceptional Payment Experience

Ecommerce sellers can also expect secure payments on Amazon through Checkout by Amazon. This checkout solution leverages Amazon’s ecommerce capabilities. It also offers online consumers a familiar, trusted experience, while allowing your customers to use payment information from their account on their online store. Ecommerce sellers can benefit from a platform that is simple to integrate with access to technology and services such as their 1-Click experience.

Some of the financial benefits for ecommerce owners who sell through is Amazon’s proven payment fraud detection can lead to lower costs, no start-up charges, monthly charges or long-term contracts.

3. Extra Earnings Potential

Fulfilment of your products is easy through Amazon. With Amazon you can use the fulfilment center that best fits the geographic location of your primary customer base and ship globally.

4. Easy Fulfilment by Amazon

Ecommerce sellers can also make additional money on their online stores. They can earn up to 10% in referral fees by linking to Amazon products and compelling content to their site. The Associates program allows you to choose any items from the millions listed in our online catalog and promote them on your Web site. Associates receive monthly payments and participation is free and easy.

Amazon has developed one of the most advanced fulfilment networks in the world. Ecommerce sellers can benefit from their expertise. Product fulfilment through Amazon affiliated fulfilment providers happens in three, quick steps: they pick, pack and ship it.

These four benefits are just some of the advantages for ecommerce sellers looking to expand their brand globally. Other seller options include preferred merchandising on and order fulfilment from any sales channel. The most significant advantage is obviously the exposure a product will receive by the millions of Amazon consumers. And that in itself is priceless.

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