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Australia’s Top Cross-border Ecommerce Partners

16Oct, 2019
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One of the most exciting facts about ecommerce is that it has no borders. With a strong fulfilment plan or partner, it is easier than ever to go global. Because of this, there is a significant opportunity for businesses to expand overseas. Australian ecommerce sellers are wisely taking advantage of this fact in both imports and exports. Here are some interesting facts surrounding Aussie online sales trends.

Australian Imports and Exports

According to a recent survey from the Australian Post, 40% of Australian shoppers’ most recent purchases were from China. The article also added that the United States, which has declined in share over the past two years, represents 21%, and the United Kingdom 14%. Half of Aussie shoppers spend less than $35 per transaction.

Fashion still dominates the online purchases for Australian consumers. A quarter of Australia’s inbound ecommerce purchases were fashion related. Sport & leisure and home & garden products are trending upwards, at least two percentage points increase from 2017. Recent purchases include fashion, consumer electronics and health and beauty. Australian consumers still prefer to shop on eBay (44%) over Amazon and Wish.

When it comes to exports, Australian products tend to be popular nearby, next door actually with New Zealand buying up about 29% of Aussie products. Trail somewhat close behind are China (15%), India (11%), South Korea (4%) and North Korea (4%). These international buyers spent over $150 on Australian products per order. Additionally, overseas customers are more likely to buy on mobile phones than laptops.

Of course, as with any business that sells, there will be customer returns. Australian online buyers prefer to return purchases at the post office. This is a stark difference from consumers (mainly younger Asians) of Australian products who prefer to have returns picked up by a courier.

When your global sales grow to the point where it is no longer practical for you to handle fulfilment on your own, you will need to look for a fulfilment center. Look for a fulfilment partner that will make accurate deliveries and returns while helping you keep costs under control.

How Fufillment Providers Can Help Australia’s Ecommerce Sellers

If you are an online seller doing business from or to Australia, you will probably need a third-party fulfilment partner (3PL). Whether you are an ecommerce seller or involved in direct sales. A fulfilment provider can assist you with:

  • Ecommerce fulfilment
  • Direct selling and multi-level marketing
  • Direct marketing

When you partner with a fulfilment center, you can streamline your global shipments. Additionally, by having fulfilment centers in regions where your buyers are you can save money while offering faster deliveries. Another important benefit of partnering with a 3PL is that they can handle trade disputes, quota issues and customs procedures. It can be helpful to have a partner that can help with changing trade policies. So, whether it is an import or export, standard or expedited, fulfilment partners can help your global sales grow exponentially.

The two important takeaways from these consumer trends is to understand the Australian ecommerce and who is buying and selling, popular marketplaces and how products are being purchased. Once you have a firm grasp on this, you can venture into the world of global ecommerce. And as you start to grow in global sales, start researching a few fulfilment centers that will help you succeed in that venture.

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