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The Benefits of Responding to Twitter Complaints

5May, 2014
The Benefits of Responding to Twitter Complaints

Twitter is famous for giving its users the ability to instantly publish their thoughts on anything and everything. When customers are dissatisfied with a product or service, they often use Twitter to voice their complaints. Sometimes they will even direct the tweet, via an @ Reply, to the company’s Twitter account.

According to recent statistics from a study by Martiz Research, 83% of consumers reported that they like it when a company responds to their tweets. According to the same study, companies only replied to around 29% of complaining tweets. Thus, there’s a big opportunity for your business here.

Responding in a helpful way to a consumer complaint on Twitter can build rapport with customers and foster a favorable public perception of the company. Replying directly to complaints can also have a humanizing effect that strikes a positive chord with consumers; it demonstrates that your company cares about the needs and satisfaction of your customers. A Twitter reply directly from the company feels personal, which is something people like. Corporations can otherwise seem remote and impersonal, which can make consumers feel alienated. Achieving a direct connection with an individual customer, even via Twitter, can go a long way toward cultivating customer trust and loyalty.

Do you currently connect with your customers via Twitter? If so, what has the result been?

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