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Christmas Sales

11Nov, 2014
Christmas sales

While many of the organizations I consult with run sales periodically, a surprisingly large number don’t advertise a specific “holiday” sale. This is a huge mistake, as customers expect to get special discounts and offers during the Christmas season. To fix the problem, you should always make it clear that the promotions you run during late November and December are holiday related.

There are two huge reasons for doing this:

The first is that advertising a holiday sale leads your shoppers to believe that they are getting an extra-special discount. It’s generally recognized that prices are the lowest during the Christmas season, which is a big reason why nearly 20% of all retail activity happens during this time of year.

The second is that your customers understand that the sale you are running is truly limited. By definition, a holiday sale will end after the holidays, which means shoppers must hurry to get the best value. In turn, this makes it more urgent that they make their purchase now, rather than keep putting it off for later.

Do you currently run holiday sales?

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