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When Customers are Marketers

28Mar, 2014
When Customers are Marketers

Social networks like Facebook and Twitter are great ways to reach your customer and engage with them. Building a relationship and an approachable brand image is necessary in today’s world to achieve true success in the digital realm. But as more and more retailers figure this out, it seems as if these once-social channels are becoming more and more cluttered with offers, promotions, and advertisements. How do you make sure your page or post stands out?

A company called Social Rebate found a good solution—pay your customers for their attention. You can always pay to promote content or buy an ad, but with the aforementioned innovative start-up, your customer receives the benefit of your small investment, making them more likely to notice, shop with, and remember your brand.

Social media is moving more and more quickly towards a commercial front—how does your company engage with customers or stand out in the online retail world?

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