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E-commerce Mistakes to Avoid

18May, 2015
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E-commerce businesses can be run by Fortune 500 corporations or by an individual out of his home office. And similar to traditional brick and mortar businesses, e-commerce operations need a few tips can help you avoid many mistakes when running a successful venture. Some are common sense tips while others are some overlooked by many e-commerce business owners.

  1. Poor Customer Service

Customer service can be an e-commerce company’s single best product and maybe even an asset. Online customers have an unlimited number of stores to choose from when making an online purchase. The most successful e-commerce sites are the ones that provide the best customer experience before, during and after the sale. They will win customer loyalty and even referrals.

Excellent customer service means being responsive to questions and concerns and surprising customers with free shipping upgrades or other unexpected benefits.

  1. Focusing Too Much on Prices

Customers make purchases for many reasons. You do not need have to have the lowest prices to close a sale. Focus on things like providing outstanding customer service and quality products instead of cutting prices. If your prices are reasonable and your business provides a smooth purchasing experience, customers won’t mind spending a few extra dollars.

  1. Inadequate Product Images

Don’t skimp on picture quality. Keep in mind that e-commerce is about selling online. You’re not going to entice consumers to buy if all you provide them with is a thumbnail size or tiny photo of the product. Instead, go large and professional. Help your e-commerce business succeed with big beautiful images for every product detail page.

  1. Poor Product Descriptions

It’s a fact that a picture is worth a thousand words, but some products do require detailed product descriptions as well. Common items such as a sweatshirt will probably be fine with just a couple of bullet points about the material or color options, but it never hurts to add a few comments about how great the product is. Obviously, more complicated or less common products deserve a well-written explanation to highlight their unique or special features.

An e-commerce business should always provide a well-written and sufficiently detailed description for every product.

  1. No Product Reviews

Customer-generated product reviews are an invaluable form of product promotion. Smart e-commerce business owners never miss the opportunity to let customers promote products or services through reviews. Every product should have product reviews. Customers trust them and often rely on them when deciding on a purchase.

  1. Blog, blog and blog some more

Your site’s blog should be the main central for all of marketing for your e-commerce site. If you are not blogging you are missing out on opportunities to let your customers know about:

  • New and upcoming products
  • Any contest running
  • Product updates
  • YouTube videos posted

In conclusion

There is no magic spell for e-commerce success, but avoiding the mistakes described here will help you avoid loss of money and time, while helping you grow your e-commerce business.

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