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E-Commerce Tips You Need to Know (Part I)

29Jun, 2015
E-Commerce Tips

Learning to succeed in the e-commerce business can be tough and it usually comes about through trial and error. But with a few simple, practical but solid tips, you can avoid some of the pitfalls while growing your e-commerce business.

  • Always Offer Smooth Checkout Options

To minimize cart abandonment, don’t make customers create an account or a login before purchasing. An option is to set up your checkout cart to use customer information from the checkout process to create an account on each customer’s behalf. This information can be displayed on the customer’s confirmation page. This will provide a useful account without interrupting the shopping transaction.

  • Consistently Use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Use key performance indicators to monitor and improve your e-commerce business. Figure out which ones are relevant, and make sure they are readily available to you on a dashboard or in saved reports. Use them daily to analyze problems, opportunities, and improvements. There are dozens of KPIs that may be important to an ecommerce business: Unique and New Visitor Traffic, Cart/Checkout Abandonment, Conversion or Bounce Rate, Page Views per Visit and Return Rate.

  • Don’t focus only on SEO

Rather than focusing on search engine optimization, be sure your site has good content. Stuffing your site with keywords that don’t add to the benefits of your product will not lead to more sales.

Instead use unique and useful content deep within your e-commerce site.

  • Use Affiliate Marketing

Savvy e-commerce business owners use affiliate marketing to get the word out about their business. It is a proven, performance-based channel. How it works: Affiliates refer traffic to retailers and earn commissions on completed transactions or leads. The beauty of using affiliates is that they do the work for you and you don’t pay unless a sale or lead is completed. Affiliates  drive traffic from various sources: websites and social media statuses.

  • Be Clear on Shipping and Handling Costs

Customers don’t like surprises and it can lead to shopping cart abandonment. Be transparent as possible with your shipping and handling policy. If you offer free or flat-rate shipping, make sure buyers can see it throughout your website: “Free next day shipping on orders over $25!”

As you can see, a few tips can help your e-commerce avoid some common mistakes that can take time away from your business and profits. In E-Commerce Tips You Need to Know (Part II), you will learn more valuable tips to continue to grow a successful e-commerce business.

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