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E-Commerce Tips You Need to Know (Part II)

6Jul, 2015
E-Commerce Tips You Need to Know (Part II)

In E-Commerce Tips You Need to Know (Part I), you learned of some of the ways smart e-commerce business owners use to stay ahead of the competition and increase a consumer base and profits. Along the same theme, here are a few more article ideas to use to reach your e-commerce business goals.

  • Use Keywords to Highlight Each of your Products

A highly cost-effective tip is to match each of your products to keywords to get very cheap clicks on paid, comparison-shopping engines like Google Shopping. Many e-commerce retailers use the product names given to them by their suppliers. Don’t make this mistake. If you are selling a gift basket that has macadamia nuts in it, for example, call it a “macadamia nuts gift basket.” This way when a buyer types in that query to a shopping engine, you could be the only one with a relevant product and get cheaper clicks than your competition.

  • Prepare for Equipment and Software Failures

Everything man-made, including equipment and software, will break down at one time or another. Have a backup for every essential part of your business, to be ready for a malfunction that can happen during your busiest time of the year for your e-commerce business.

  • Identify Error Messages to Ensure Smoother Transactions

Google Analytics has a great feature called event tracking. It can record when a visitor gets an error message on your site, such as “You need to select a color to add this product to your shopping bag” on the product details page, or “The discount code you entered is expired” on the checkout page. This data is helpful in determining where shoppers are getting tripped up on their purchase paths.

  • Go Bilingual

Spanish-speakers are a group that should be considered a target group when running an e-commerce business. Even though many Spanish-speaking shoppers understand English, they they are more likely to buy from an online retailer that translates its content. Translating your pay-per-click campaigns into Spanish often produces great results and helps you reach a very large, active consumer group.

  • Invest In a Mobile-Optimized Website

Online buying is on the rise. In order to compete with other e-commerce merchants, be sure your entire website is optimized, including your home page and create a responsive CSS design, not just a separate mobile website. Remember how your customers shop for your products, such as by type (shirts vs. tops), features (cotton vs. linen), or by product variations (sleeveless vs. long-sleeved). Then be sure to create a simple shopping experience so your customers can finish the transaction.

These creative and resourceful tips have helped e-commerce business owners make a big impact on their e-commerce site and in turn increased profits. In E-Commerce Tips You Need to Know (Part III), you will read the final round of useful time and money saving tips to help your e-commerce venture.

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