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E-Commerce Tips You Need to Know (Part III)

20Jul, 2015
E-commerce tips

By now you have read and hopefully used some of the great tips in E-Commerce Tips You Need to Know (Part I & II). These tips have been used successfully by many e-commerce business owners. While not all may work in your current situation, they are good to tuck away as your business grows and your buyers become more demanding.

  • Use Product Videos to Engage Customers

People are visual creatures. They will more likely stay on a site longer if a video is available for them to watch. Consider that some of the most innovative e-commerce sellers have various (YouTube and other) videos on their site.

  • Constantly Measure Improvements to your Ecommerce Site

You may think that changes you have made to your e-commerce site will improve it. But be objective, not subjective. Always keep in mind that your e-commerce should be about making money. It’s follow up on the return on investment when making changes to your site. If the changes are not bringing in money, try something else.

  • Buy Vendors’ Surplus Stock

Find out what excess inventory your vendor may have on hand that you may already carry or want to use for promotions. Use it to attract additional consumers to your e-commerce site. The additional upside is that by purchasing these overstock items you also keep them out of your hands of your competition.

  • Get Customers’ Birthdays, Anniversaries and Special Occasions

Be sure to request your customers’ birth dates, special anniversaries and other special occasions.

This is especially important if you sell a product that is usually purchased for a special occasion such as flowers or gift baskets. Use the information to offer a special discount on your products.

  • Reward Customer Interaction

Reward your shoppers every time they make a purchase on your e-commerce site. When they fill out the contact us form, make sure your auto-responder addresses their concern or question and includes a discount or other special offer such a free express shipping or a free item. Most people will keep coming back if you offer them freebies.

  • Use Customer Feedback to get more Sales

Feedback surveys should be no later than two weeks of a purchase. This is your best chance to get their opinions, while their experience is still recent. A good sales tactic is to group your products into five categories. To add relevance to their recent purchase, ask your customers to select the product they bought in one category as one of your first questions. Use the other questions to expose them to your other products.

Some ideas you have read here may be new, while others you may have heard of but not yet tried. The key to most of these ideas is to engage your customer and keep them coming back for more. Whether that is through an easy to navigate site, offering new and interesting products or through clever sales tactics, the end result should be to provide a great shopping experience and of course, to make money.

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