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Essential Email Marketing Tips During a Pandemic

8Jul, 2020
Essential Email Marketing Tips During a Crisis

The current pandemic has caused a swift change in how both online buyers and ecommerce sellers handle the online shopping experience. This may cause anxiety for many e-sellers but with a quick evaluation, you can not only survive but build relationships with customers that will last long after the pandemic passes. Here are some areas in your marketing plan that you should evaluate during the pandemic.

Up Your Email Marketing Efforts

The one mistake to avoid is to cut your marketing budgets leading to reduced communications to your customers.  This is only a good idea in the short-term, but it will likely cause long-term damage. It will negatively affect brand awareness, market share and loyalty.  Customers are not going to look for brands they no longer see. Therefore, it is vital that you maintain as much email marketing as possible. Your goal should be to always be on top-of-mind to your customers.

Depending on the product you sell, adjust the frequency of marketing emails to match your marketing goals as well as needs and demands of your customers.

Be Authentic and Empathetic

Now more than ever customers are looking for that personal touch they are missing form their shopping experience in the traditional retail environment. Here are some simple suggestions to engage new and loyal customers:

  • Look for ways to add personalization for the needs of each customer. Customers will be missing this from their retail shopping experience.
  • Send friendly direct mail and newsletters. Offer suggestions or ask how you can help.
  • Set and communicate realistic expectations for shipping and delivery.
  • Be flexibility with order methods, delivery and payment options.

Try New Marketing Tactics

The demand for ecommerce will increase as brick-and-mortar stores close and consumers self-isolate. Here are some suggestions that can help you learn more about your customers to refine your target marketing:

  • Engage your customers. The pandemic has allowed many consumers additional free time so you will probably get higher response rates to email surveys. Surveys help you learn the needs and desires of your customers. Adjust your business immediately and accordingly. Providing a forum for feedback could help build customer loyalty. This will also allow you to beef up and clean you email list.
  • Use new email tools. Explore solid email tools that could enhance your marketing efforts from email service providers (Mailchimp) to Coding and Template Help (Mosaico). These user-friendly platforms are affordable and will go far to help reduce and improve your marketing efforts.
  • Perform A/B tests. Now could be an opportunity to try new email tests to increase opens, clicks, and conversions. Although things can change from day to day, A/B tests help provide a springboard for different marketing plans during the crisis.

This Too Shall Pass

The pandemic induced measures will eventually fade. Consumers will take up their normal habits and routines. After this time, many brands will race to restore lost revenue. But you will be many steps ahead of the competition by continuing solid marketing practices that promote brand recognition and customer engagement. Afterall, your current email marketing tactics will determine whether your business is strong enough to bounce back.

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