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We’re Here to Answer Your Questions About NPFulfilment

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help navigate your way through some of the most common inquiries. Take a look and hopefully you’ll find the answers you’re looking for. If not, feel free to reach out to our friendly customer care team for further assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions: NPFulfilment

How soon can NPFulfilment set my company up as a customer?

After the acceptance of our quote, NPFulfilment can have you up and running within 3 days. However, it’s best to allow 7-10 working days.

Is there any criteria in doing business with NPFulfilment?

As our operations are better suited for businesses processing 500+ orders per month, NPFulfilment will run a business assessment to determine whether we are the right fit for each other. During this assessment, we will endeavour to uncover most of complexities associated with processing your orders and how we can work together.


The best way to progress this would be by requesting a quote from us.

How will NPFulfilment handle my increasing volume?

NPFulfilment uses a combination of technology, people and systems to easily match your growing volumes. We have multiple warehouses that can be used and we have a proven track record that illustrates that we can handle rapid growth.

Where is NPFulfilment located?

NPFulfilment has 5 distribution warehouses located across Australia and New Zealand – Sydney (Raffles and Eastern Creek), Melbourne (Thomastown), Perth (Cockburn) and Auckland (Favona). Take a behind-the-scenes look at our facilities and innovative technology accelerating ecommerce growth for our customers.

What areas does NPFulfilment service?

NPFulfilment has the ability to distribute to every part of Australia and to any part of the world using our postal and freight partners. Our 4 DC’s across Australia allow us to reach 80% of Australians with next day delivery.

How many years has NPFulfilment been in business?

NPFulfilment was established in 2002. Our senior management team has more than 80 years combined experience and knowledge of the industry.


Want to know more about our history to see if we are a right fit for each other? Watch our company video to learn more.

Is NPFulfilment quality certified?

At NPFulfilment, we offer ISO 9001 quality accredited systems that make us one of the leading providers of fulfilment services, 3PL and warehousing in the country. Our robust Inventory Management, Order Processing & Reporting capabilities ensure that all aspects of your supply chain run smoothly and efficiently. Our team is also committed to continuously investing in cybersecurity practices to guarantee the utmost privacy and security of sensitive customer data.

What Shopping Carts and Ecommerce Platforms are you integrated with?

We are integrated with the world’s leading shopping carts and platforms. Click here to see all the platforms we integrate with. We can also operate with flat files (csv or excel files), via APIs and even manual order entry through our free Online Portal.

What Postal & Freight Carriers do you use?

NPFulfilment has very strong relationships with a range of freight/postal companies allowing us to offer our customers the best price and service according to their individual needs. Some of our partners include:

  • Australia Post
  • Startrack
  • TNT
  • Toll
  • NZ Post
  • Various Local Couriers

We can ship consumer orders overseas but is important that our customers verify the legality of their products in the destination country and determine whether local duties must be paid by the recipient. Additionally, for any bulky orders, it will be the responsibility of the customer to arrange for freight forwarding, as customs procedures may require confirmation of goods ownership beyond our authority.

What are the NPFulfilment operating hours?

Our warehouse operating hours are Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 4:15pm.

What are the warehouse receiving hours to deliver stock?

  • Carton and Pallet Deliveries are accepted between 8:00am to 3:00pm
  • Container Deliveries are accepted between 8:00am to 11.30am

Note: We require 48 hours notice for all container deliveries. All empty containers must be picked within 24 hours of delivery.

Can I request a bulk order or a special request pick up?

Should you require a one-off special pickup, please contact our Customer Services Team within a reasonable time frame and provide the relevant information. We request a minimum 24-hour advance notice for special pickups. If you are using your own carrier to pick up goods, then please ensure your carrier is aware of our timings.

Is my stock insured by NPFulfilment?

It is a requirement that our customers carry their own fire and burglary insurance policy for the stock held on NPFulfilment’s premises. NPFulfilment does not manage the value of our customer’s inventory, as only our customers are aware of the value of inventory carried by them at any given time. NPFulfilment carries a $20,000,000 public and products liability policy. We also carry building insurances for each location.

Can I send stock that is not barcoded?

It is a mandatory requirement that every sku must be barcoded with a unique barcode.


We support most of the industry standard barcodes such as Code39, Code128 and UPC-A. As long as the barcode can be scanned, it’s acceptable. If in doubt, please send us a sample. All items must be clearly barcoded by the supplier, prior to delivery to NPFulfilment.

How long does it take to receive stock into inventory?

The standard processing time of inbound deliveries is 24-48 hours from the time of delivery, with the exception of the very first inbound delivery. This may take 2-3 working days for us to capture, receive and do initial configuration of your stock in our system.

What is the standard pallet size required for deliveries?

We accept plain hardwood, Chep and Loscam pallets and our maximum accepted pallet dimensions are: Length 1200mm x Width 1200mm. Pallet height restriction is 1200mm.

Does NPFulfilment provide a customs clearance or freight forwarding service?

NPFulfilment does not provide freight forwarding and customs clearance services related to either import or export of products. As our customers are the owners of the products, and as such, their company is listed as the ‘Importer of Record’ during the importation process, they are required to use their own freight forwarders. Unfortunately, we cannot assist in this process but we can refer you to some providers.

Does NPFulfilment provide the packaging for orders?

NPFulfilment can provide you with a range of packaging options or you can also supply your own. It’s important that we discuss how your products are packaged when delivered to us and how you would like us to pack them for shipping.

Can NPFulfilment track my parcel for me?

Once an order is shipped from our facility, we send the tracking number or confirmation of shipping back to your system. You can now track an order from your system or from our logistics platform by clicking on the tracking number. A tracking link is also supplied for every order in the dispatch report. Alternatively, you can visit the carrier’s website and track your shipment.


If for any reason your customer does not receive their parcel, then you will need to contact us. We will then contact the relevant carrier and create an enquiry. This could take up to 72 hours or longer in some cases as we rely on getting a response from the carrier.

Who do I contact if my customer has not received their parcel?

You can contact our Customer Services Team who will create an enquiry with the relevant carrier. Please note, this could take up to 72 hours or longer in some cases as we rely on getting a response from the carrier.

Does NPFulfilment provide compensation for lost or damaged parcels in transit?

Once the parcel is picked, packed, and dispatched, it is the carrier’s responsibility to ensure a safe and timely delivery. NPFulfilment is not liable for this process and we don’t provide compensation for lost or damaged parcels in transit. Please refer to your carrier’s T&Cs for the compensation and liability terms for parcels lost or damaged in transit.

What are the NPFulfilment’s Invoicing Terms?

  • We invoice our clients once a week, on the last day of the week for transactions that took place over the past 7 days.
  • Our terms of trading are strictly 7 days from invoice date.
  • All fees and charges are in Australian Dollars and do not include GST. The GST payable for our services will be stated at the bottom of your invoice.

How do I get additional information about NPFulfilment?

You can get additional information by contacting us:

Call us on 1300 882 318.

Email us at

Customer Promise

Your growth is our success. NPFulfilment is committed to providing cutting-edge technology and ecommerce fulfilment services that deliver memorable post-purchase experiences to your shoppers.

Customer Promise

NPFulfilment: Accelerating Customers’ Ecommerce Growth

Your growth is our success. NPFulfilment is committed to providing cutting-edge technology and ecommerce fulfilment services that deliver memorable post-purchase experiences to your shoppers.