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Five Simple Tips to Get Rave Online Reviews

28Jun, 2017
Top 5 tips to get rave online reviews

Smart ecommerce business owners know that good online reviews are worth their weight in gold. They can make a difference whether a new customer makes buys your product or if an existing client will make a large purchase on your ecommerce store. Here are a few tips to help you get those 5-star reviews you are looking for.

1. Happy customers equal good reviews

A positive first impression can go a long way when asking for customer reviews or soliciting feedback. Make sure to resolve any issues or concerns your customers have by offering a solution that may include a refund or replacement of your product. In the long run, this customer will most likely return to your e-commerce business because they know you will take care of any issues that come up.

2. Ask for reviews

Ask for a good review after you have finished the sales of your product. Asking for this type of feedback helps your ecommerce business in two ways: 1) Gets you a review and 2) Helps you determine where your customer service may need improvement.

It’s a good idea to ask that they review your products on super review sites such as Yelp. Let your customers know that you take their opinions seriously and consistently monitor all customer reviews.

3. Use social media to get real time reviews

You can get unsolicited reviews by creating a Facebook group and Twitter account for your business. Customers who have a Facebook or Twitter account who tend to discuss their daily activities will almost certainly share their thoughts about your product or service without you asking. These reviews weigh more heavily on the minds of customers because they are recent and give a better idea of what to expect versus a review that is even a few weeks old.

4. Always respond quickly to negative reviews

Responding to bad reviews should not necessarily be focused on defending your company, product or a team member. That attitude almost always makes things worse. Instead, analyze the problem and resolve it as soon as possible. Also, when a bad review is justified, thank the customer for the review, apologize for the bad experience and offer a reasonable solution.  Most customers will often go back and update a negative review once the issue has been resolved. When you act quickly, you can turn a negative into a positive customer service experience

5. Keep it simple

Your customers may not know you want their feedback unless you ask them for it.  A great idea is to have highly visible “feedback” button on your e-commerce site that customers find at the end of their shopping experience. Most online (and even brick and mortar) businesses give their customers a few choices such as the option to leave feedback on the site or send them to review site.

Take control of your online reviews

Reviews are really a numbers game. Even if you are providing the best product or service possible, some people will still complain. Your goal should be a large number of mostly good reviews by being pro-active in soliciting reviews, quickly resolving customer service issues and making it easy for customers to leave good reviews.

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