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Getting More Followers on Google Plus

4Jul, 2014
Getting More Followers on Google Plus

Google Plus is exploding in usage and is expected to pass Facebook in total users by 2016. Now is the time to start realising the benefits of this platform and to reap the benefits. There are several ways of using Google Plus to get more followers, here are a couple of them.

Mention Other Users In Your Posts

Just like in Facebook or Twitter, Google Plus allows you to tag other users on your posts. All you have to do is use the + sign and then choose the contacts from the drop down menu. Doing this helps you to get others involved in your conversations and will get the attention of their followers as well. I’ve used this with YouTube video comments as well since they are linked. And with that last point in mind, make sure that your Google Plus is linked to your YouTube account.

Use Hashtags to Link Posts to Certain Topics

Many users search for particular hashtags to quickly find relevant content they are searching for. First popularized by Twitter, they are now being used extensively on Facebook and Google Plus as well. You may have noticed that when you input the hashtag symbol # Google automatically suggest hashtags as you type. In addition these hashtags are now searchable by Google, so it really pays off to use them!

These are just a couple of ideas for getting more Google Plus followers. Check out KissMetrics for even more suggestions.

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