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Good360 and NPFulfilment – Shaping the Road to Social Impact

28Feb, 2023

Floods, fire, families in need; many of us aren’t in the same place now as in previous years due to these and other life-changing issues.

Almost every Australian has seen the community impact of devastating natural disasters that our country has battled through in recent years. Many of us are also connected to families and individuals in need. While some have fallen into financial hardship, others struggle on the streets.

Regardless of the reasons for doing it tough, there’s one thing that makes a real difference and drives a positive social impact. It’s the true-blue Aussie spirit of lending a hand to lift each other up.

In the next few minutes, you’ll find out how you can change lives, drive sustainability, and even help your bottom line in the process.

The Circle of Good That’s Changing Lives

Since March 2020, Australian charity organisation Good360 Australia has connected over 17 million items to disaster-affected communities. And from its 2015 launch in Australia, $300.72M worth of goods have been donated to not-for-profits and schools, equating to 34,385,840 items provided to people in need. As a result, these efforts have prevented 6,257 tonnes of unused goods from going to waste or landfill.

Those are some big numbers. And as a result, massively inspiring stories of social impact have been born. For example, the Noongar Mia Mia initiative supplied hand sanitiser and sunscreen to vulnerable people exposed to the elements due to chronic homelessness. Helping Hands Outreach Project for Dalby Inc. was also able to provide personal hygiene packs to children in need as part of a yearly Christmas toy drive.

Good360 helps to create these incredible stories by acting as a vital connector. The organisation connects excess goods from businesses with people in need via its network of 3,500 charities and disadvantaged schools.

It’s a mammoth task to drive the “Circle of Good” that benefits such an impressive range of charities and needs. That’s why NPFulfilment is exceptionally proud to partner with Good360 – and be part of a positive social change in Australia.

Alison Covington AM, Good360 Founder & Managing Director, comments, “Good360 is very proud to partner with NPFulfilment to help reduce the need and waste in Australian communities. Our mission is to ensure the excess goods and services businesses produce every year flow to people in need rather than going to waste. We welcome NPFulfilment and their clients to the Circle of Good where together we are helping people and the planet.”

Sustainable Practices that Help the Planet

The most recent ABS report also shows that Australia generates a mind-boggling 76 million tonnes of waste per year, a 10% increase since its 2016-17 measure. Additionally, unsold and obsolete goods within Australian supply chains, including brand new electronics and white goods, clothing, toiletries, homewares, toys, and even office and school supplies are being disposed of every day.

The sheer volume of wastage is a massive setback for sustainability in Australia. Good360, however, is making a different kind of mark on the planet – through sustainable practices for these unused products.

By facilitating the supply of excess stock directly to charities and disadvantaged schools, Good360 has helped reduce wastage from 34,385,840 items (as of January 2023). That’s over 34 million sustainable reasons for the planet to breathe a sigh of relief.

Supporting the Economy – and Your Bottom Line

Australian government bodies provided $2.7 billion to charities in 2021, according to the Deloitte Access Economics report. Around $400 million of that total was used to purchase household goods for recipients of those programs.

By redirecting a larger portion of Australia’s yearly $2.5 billion of unsold surplus goods to people in need, governments have an opportunity to reduce wastage and expenditure on goods purchased for charitable purposes. This approach would result in a stronger circular economy and unlock greater opportunities for much-needed financial resources.

Additionally, businesses that provide excess stock to Good360 stand to see significant financial benefits. Every company ends up with inventory that will never sell. Those products can become a liability, often incurring ongoing warehousing costs or even reducing the space available for fast-moving and high-profit items. While this can damage profitability, costs for the disposal of these items can further hit your bottom line.

Good360 can help you alleviate these additional costs – and turn your generosity into life-changing stories for people in need.

How to Become Part of the Change

The road to social impact and environmental change is complex. Luckily, being part of that change with Good360 couldn’t be simpler.

You can donate your excess stock, your time, or provide funding. Learn more about Good360 and the ways you can help.

NPFulfilment is also delighted to announce our partnership with Good360. As an Australian company with 20+ years in the ecommerce fulfilment industry, sustainable practices and support for Aussies in need are causes close to the hearts of our team.

NPFulfilment Chief Operations Officer Luke James explains, “When we first met with the team at Good360, we knew straight away this partnership was a no-brainer. Together with Good360, we are unlocking a powerful and purpose driven capability for our NPFulfilment customers. By connecting our customers to support the Circle of Good, we can reduce unnecessary waste, help people in need and put surplus inventory to good use. We are proud to partner with Good360 and extend the value we can offer our customers – while helping society’s most vulnerable.”

If you’re an NPFulfilment customer, we’d love your help. You can now donate excess stock by contacting us at We’ll provide you with easy instructions to make it happen – and you can rest easy, knowing you’ve helped shape social impact and environmental change for us all.

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