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Google+ Explosion

31Mar, 2014
Google+ Explosion

Google+ Gathering Speed

In the past year Google+ has begun seeing a rise in popularity, but it looks there is still much room for growth. Recent data shows that since Google’s acquisition of YouTube (and the consequence of having to use a Google account to comment and participate on YouTube), the number of G+ members has skyrocketed.

The new attention isn’t just because of YouTube though. Google+ also brings your company numerous SEO benefits, opportunities to promote local businesses, and the ability to share specific posts and content with a segmented network of friends and prospects. When you add all of these positives up, you can start to see why Google’s long-struggling social network is suddenly becoming the “it” brand in the social space.

Do you use Google+ in your place of business? If so, do you utilize all the great productivity perks like Hangouts and Circles with your co-workers? If you don’t use Google+, after learning about their probable popularity explosion, are you more likely to?

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