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Google+ Secrets

3Mar, 2014
Google+ Secrets

If Google+ is the new social media frontier for your business, you’re going to want a map. There are so many great uses for social networking, from keeping your inner workings productive to personally engaging with your customers. But have you heard about these lesser-known tricks hidden in Google+ that can boost your user experience even further?

  1. Use an empty circle as a ‘read later’ feed. Simply create a new social circle on your business account, don’t add anyone to it, then as you find interesting content you want to read later or share with all of your account operators, send the content to this empty circle.
  2. Take advantage of all the cool free extensions that Google+ offers when used in conjunction with the Google Chrome browser. Bonus features galore.
  3. Integrate all your social media business accounts together. In the ‘connected accounts’ area of your profile settings, you can add your other social accounts for sharing ease and convenience. Now you’re using Google+ like a pro.
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