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Google+ Social Media

21Feb, 2014
Google+ Social Media

Social media is an important and reliable channel over which you can communicate your company’s attitudes, personality, and dedication to customers. But not just any social network is professional or effective enough to make the right impact. Google+ has more than 135 million members and is a steadily growing audience. Are you saying something worth hearing?

Google+ is a great way your business can:

  • Engage loyal customers. People love to interact with brands they like. Acknowledging praise and resolving less-satisfied customers’ issues as soon as they’re communicated goes a long way in establishing a responsive company.
  • Spread relevant content. It’s great to talk about yourself sometimes, but if all you’re doing on Facebook and Twitter is posting your store’s hours, customers will find little reason to stick around. Google+ helps you easily and instantly share Web content that is interesting to your clientele, encouraging them to start a conversation.
  • Be seen! Google+ posts are immediately indexed and ranked higher each time someone gives your content a “+1.” This means it’s become laughably easy to guarantee your company voice is audible through the endless Internet clutter.
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