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Google vs Facebook

7Mar, 2014

You’ve probably figured out that all social media is not created equal.  For instance, Google+ and Facebook are essentially rivals, fighting for your attention.  Each wants you to use their site more than the other… but how do you know which one is better for your business and customer interaction?

Well, it’s true that there are more users on Facebook than on Google+.  But it’s also arguable that Google+ has more useful, engaging, quality, and professional content—perfect for a business account like yours.

The good news is, Google has made it even easier for you to integrate your web experience to your Google+ account instead of having to manually share everything on Facebook or Twitter.

YouTube, Blogger, and Zagat are just a few of the Google-owned sites on which you can log in with one consistent username for your business, and view, post, and share seamlessly over all Google media.

So maybe the day is coming where Google+ will be the multifaceted network of cutting-edge features and engaged users that Facebook used to be…  Farmville-free.

More information about Google+ advantages can be read here:

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