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3Nov, 2014

There’s a great revenue-generating opportunity for your business that you may not have thought of. It has to do with shipping, and by implementing it you can not only add to your bottom line, but also increase customer loyalty and satisfaction. Best of all, offering this service to your customers requires no significant investments, and you won’t need to develop any new skills. Let me explain…

Despite that fact that your business probably already offers shipping, many of your customers may not be aware that you can actually ship the presents they buy directly to the recipient. As a result, they are having orders shipped to their address, then wrapping those presents and shipping them out to the giftee. This is a huge hassle for them, and adds to the cost of present buying.

To increase customer convenience and, as a result, customer loyalty, make it clear on your website that you offer holiday shipping for shoppers. The only extra step for you is wrapping the smaller presents – but this is a service for which you can charge a small fee. It’s a total win-win: your customers get convenience, and you add to your bottom line.

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