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How 3PLs Can Help Your Ecommerce Store Survive a Pandemic

24Sep, 2020
Reverse Logistics for Tech & Electronics Companies

One of the biggest concerns for most ecommerce sellers during the COVID-19 is the sudden spikes and drops in sales. Consumers are relying more heavily on online sales, but they are also more demanding due to the stress of isolation and uncertainty associated with the current COVID-19 crisis. From product hoarding to the likely rush of product returns in the coming months, ecommerce sellers will be put to the test. During these uncertain times, it can be greatly helpful to work with a fulfilment partner (3PL) that can help increase productivity and sales.

Ability to Scale

A 3PL will react quickly to an unexpected massive order volume increase. Most 3PLs have the room and manpower to handle it with a system in place that can get those orders out the door quickly. They will also be able to handle an influx of product returns so that the merchandise can be inventoried and available for sale as soon as possible.

Market Expansion to Increase Sales

Part of the success in ecommerce comes from growth. With all the technology available, there are various opportunities to acquire new markets across borders. 3PLs have intelligent, global software for address, email, phone and name verification to expedite the ability to market and sell globally. 3PLs use modern solutions are made available as a web service or can be integrated directly into the web shop to run automatically in the background. They also have expert knowledge on the various laws and customs across borders and overseas. Their assistance will help you avoid costly mistakes and fines.

Reduce Returned or Lost Packages

An important catchphrase that should be part of your e-seller vocabulary is: Minimize returns to minimize waste. Accurate address quality is vital for the customer experience and it also has a significant effect on the bottom line. Undeliverable or late parcels are caused by bad address data. The cost of bad address data results in wasted materials, postage and printing as well as the additional working hours that bad addresses cause. 3PLs have an accurate, updated data base of accurate worldwide post office addresses to help ensure that the package arrives to the correct address on time. This will help e-sellers save money and customers.

In Conclusion

E-sellers can be intimidated by the potential cost of a 3PL, especially during the current environment. But in reality, 3PLs have shown to help ecommerce business owners during times of sudden urges. They have a staff of experienced fulfilment providers who understand the logistics of fulfilment whether it be shipping or product returns across town or the globe.

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