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How to Build Links for Increased Holiday Sales

22Nov, 2019
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Search engine optimization is largely determined by backlinks, just as much as keywords. What are backlinks? They are simply links to your website that are given by other sites on the Internet. Think of them as virtual recommendations. The more you get, the more that Google will recommend your site to its users for relevant search queries. Once you have your keywords in place, you can increase your online visibility and rankings for those keywords.

Getting backlinks takes a bit of time and effort, so should be an ongoing process all throughout the year. But if you’re just now starting to work on your backlinks, don’t worry. It is never too late to start! Any work that you do now will continue to build your authority and rankings throughout the coming years.

There are several ways for a website to build backlinks, but here are a few quick and relatively effortless ways that will get the job done.

Create Shareable Holiday Shopping

Getting backlinks is much easier when you let your audience do the work for you. The best way to do this is to create content that your target audience will want to share, repeatedly, across the Internet. Word of mouth through social media is highly effective in product recognition and holiday deals. And the good news is that it is easier than you think.

Many ecommerce sellers use Pinterest as it is the easiest platform of all and it has been proven to be invaluable in boosting organic traffic, getting backlinks and building online authority. Start by creating high quality content. Here are three ways to get those backlinks through marketing content:

1. Holiday Gift Guides

Market gift guides are a fun and extremely popular no matter what products you sell online. Gift guides allow you to and cut straight through the online crowds to your target audience by creating a gift guide that is specific to your niche. Gift guides will allow you to keep all your backlinks and social shares from the previous year. This will continue to provide value to your target audience.

Once you create your gift guide, design a Pinterest-sized image to then share it on all platforms. Make sure you do a yearly update to continue the buzz in your backlinks and rankings for years to come. Attach a few catchy guidelines to attract your target group:

  • The Most Unique Christmas Gifts for 2019
  • Top Tech Gifts Techies Can’t Live Without
  • Cool Holiday Gift Ideas That Are Cheap, Easy and Will Impress Your Friends!

2. Make Quick, High-Quality Videos

Videos allow you to quickly engage customers and are just as popular as images when it comes to sharing your content online. With all the great video platforms available online, you don’t need to be a professional video editor to create quality videos. Videos are especially useful for mobile because they let you quickly advertise your deals, products and brand without having to convince your site visitors to read all your content.

A popular and affordable option for creating shareable videos is Lumen5. Within minutes you can create royalty free images and videos with a customizable design a library of music to accompany your videos. Do a quick search to find a video platform that you are comfortable with.

3. Creative Infographics

Many marketing pros consider infographics backlink gold. They are super easy to make and fun to read. The key to creating effective infographics is to keep the target audience in mind. Create an infographic that will not only capture your target group and that will make them interested in sharing it. Most consumers prefer how-to guides, technical explanations, and data-based infographics. And most important, make it compelling enough so that it will convince them to click through to your ecommerce site.

You can easily design an infographic on various online platforms. Once you design your infographic, share it on Pinterest and various infographic directories. Infographic directories area great resource because it will give you a backlink to your site. It will also share your infographic with bloggers and social media mavens in your product industry. If they like what you’ve created, there is a good chance that they will share it with their audiences. Infographics are truly the easiest way to quickly get backlinks and traffic to your website.

Infographic topics are unlimited but here are some fun ones to get started:

  • Choose the Right Gift for Your Loved Ones this Holiday
  • Top 10 Fragrance Gifts to Give in 2019
  • The Best Online Holiday Shopping Sites

Static Landing Pages

Last but not least, is a static landing page is one that exists on your site year-round and has a simple URL structure that includes your target keyword. This allows you to work on the backlinks each year and build authority on Google throughout the entire year.

Your landing page needs to focus primarily on the deals and offers that your online shop will offer for the holiday weekend. Be sure to add the keyword to the landing page URL. This will tell Google what you’re offering from your cyber deals this holiday season. Target and Best Buy use this technique and so should you. As you continue to build your authority, the more organic traffic that you get.

Create and submit your landing page for Holiday Shopping, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Single’s Day, to various aggregate sites (comparison shopping engines) that advertise the best online deals for consumers. According to Forbes[i], customers have everything to gain and nothing to lose from using a shopping aggregator, because: “Not only do aggregators take the gold for saving consumers time and money, but they also serve an important role as market curators.”


More traffic leads almost always lead to more sales. When it comes to search engine optimization for your ecommerce business. Although ecommerce sales during the holidays are among the best opportunities of all, use all these link building opportunities to build your site authority all year long.

Even if you are new at this, give yourself a last minute push to boost organic traffic for this upcoming holiday season. Once you get the hang of it, you can continue to work on it throughout the next year. You will see your shop and sales grow along with your traffic.


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