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How to Create a Brand Message During a Crisis for Your Staff

26Oct, 2020
How to Create a Brand Message During a Crisis for Your Staff

The global Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has changed how people are working.  Remote work has become the new norm. Many cities and regions around the world have been quarantined due to the coronavirus outbreak. China and Italy have decided to quarantine entire cities and regions. The US has created orders for its residents to stay at home. Australia also has similar quarantines in place.
Employees under quarantine have no choice but to work remotely and it becomes tricky for companies to run their internal communications smoothly. Your employees want clear guidance. Panic is spreading at a fast pace and it’s entering the workplace. Remote (and onsite) employees are confused, scared and worried about their job. They naturally have a lot of questions.
Your internal communication plays an essential role in this kind of situation. You need to inform your employees and answer their questions right away if you don’t want panic to lead to a crisis at your workplace!
As employees and employers embrace working remotely, online business owners should have clear employee communication plans in place. The goal should be to share accurate information, update employees with trusted news and ensure employees have the knowledge they need to remain safe and secure.
Communication should include, at the very least:

  • Dedicated Pages Where All Information Comes Together. Create pages on your employee Intranet solely dedicated to update your team members with timely, factual and accurate information.
  • Localized Messaging to Targeted Groups. Certain team members may need specific information based on their role in your business. Make sure that information is available
  • Push Notifications for Crucial Announcements. This will help your team members get the information they need. This is very important for remote workers as they may not be in contact with other employees. They may also have distractions at home that may keep them from checking up on updates that relate to the virus and its effects on the workplace.
  • Chat Messenger So Employees Can Ask Real-Time Questions and Be Part of the Conversation. This will help you as the employer understand what the concerns employees may have. You can quickly address the most important questions right away to squash rumors and increase employee morale.
  • Acknowledgement Function. By using this function employers can be sure important information is being read. This will help ensure that everyone working remote has received your messages.

These steps will help promote camaraderie and help reduce rumors that can get in the way of having a productive team during a health crisis.

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