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How to Increase Non-Essential Sales on Your Site

28Jan, 2021

With all the talk essential items during the pandemic, some e-sellers are wondering if they will be able to sell their non-essential items. According to Statista, even non-essential purchases are shifting online.[1] The good news is if e-sellers take a few simples steps to increase sales. As long as the coronavirus keeps millions in home isolation, traffic to online stores and sales of non-essential items will continue to increase. Here are some tactics that can help keep your non-essential items moving.

Maintain Proactive Communication

There are two goals in communication during this pandemic: 1) Increase sales and 2) Remind them you’re open for business. Sell non-essential products by reminding them of ways they can take care of themselves through this crisis. Ensure customers that you are taking to ensure a safe working environment for your employees and customers by taking steps to sell and ship clean products. Let them know that you are open for business and ready to handle customer questions and concerns.

Be Active on Social Media

This is not the time to isolate your brand from social media. Post informative and engaging content. Use social media to learn more about your customers by asking them questions. Build a rapport and get to know your customers to understand what non-essential items they might purchase. Promote those items and offer special discounts to those non-essential products.

Focus on Excellent Customer Service

Consider what online shoppers are going through and try to address their concerns. Be part of the solution and ease the stress of your customers by offering virtual customer service to accommodate multiple customers at once. This greatly helps reduce long telephone hold times and customer frustration. Here are some additional steps you can implement to improve customer service:

  • Be flexible with timelinesfor returns and exchanges. Avoid asking for lengthy return-authorization forms or requiring additional steps for refunds.
  • Clearly highlight list purchase, return, exchange and refund terms and requirementson your site. Add the information on all receipts so that customers can easily view.
  • Provide links so that customers track their shipments in real-time.
  • Send a follow-up email or text after the item is delivered. This helps minimize theft by alerting the customer to be on the lookout for their package.

These small efforts will help create brand recognition even after the pandemic is over. It is important to be considerate of your customers during this crisis, but the goal should be to sell to help your business survive and engage your customers to create a long-term relationship with your customers.


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