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Home Ecommerce Fulfilment – How to Keep Your Customer Loyal in Two Steps

Ecommerce Fulfilment – How to Keep Your Customer Loyal in Two Steps

25Jun, 2019
Keep Your Customer Loyal

How to Keep Your Customer Loyal in Two Steps

No matter how many choices or new trends appear in online shopping, customers will always want two things: fast, affordable shipping and real-time communication. If you can consistently do this, your customers will not only keep coming back but possibly become your brand’s advocate.

Speed of Delivery is the Number One Concern for Customers

If you can’t deliver an item in time, there is a good chance that your customer may move onto a competitor who can. To meet these needs, ecommerce sellers should consider partnering up with a fulfilment provider that can offer a later cutoff time for next-day delivery. The more flexible your shipping, the more customers you will have. There are many studies and reports that support that slow delivery equals abandoned shopping carts. But common sense tells you that being slow to deliver goods will cost you sales.

The first step staying competitive means being able to ship all orders the same day received. When your customer wants a package on their doorstep in 2-3 days, it will cost you more to ship, but with setting this standard across the board, you will need to reduce your total order cycle time.

An option is to partner with a logistics company that has a warehouse close to the airport to help make order fulfilment more efficient. When you get the product on the last flight of the day you can get second-day ecommerce delivery, even if the destination is a far from the distribution center.

How Crucial is Real-Time Communication?

Communication goes hand in hand with excellent customer service. Communication starts from the moment a consumer browses your site to the very end when they receive an order purchased on your site. Your site should be easy to navigate and inventory should be updated to reflect current availability. It should give as many purchase options as possible and provide an easy way to contact customer service and order an item.

There are many articles written about increasing customer loyalty, but when it comes down to it, the main ingredient in trying to form relationships with your customers is to understand their point of view. Always keep your customer in the loop, whether it is a problem with inventory, an issue with the order or an update on shipping. This is where real-time communication is necessary and appreciated by your customer. You can choose to handle this through a support tool or in partnering with a third-party fulfilment center.

In the end, what customers expect is flexibility and convenience. With so much variance in customer behaviors and preferences, it is necessary to provide and several ecommerce delivery options. Additionally, you need to provide real-time communication to avoid frustration and steer those potential buyers straight into the arms of the competition. The best way to retain customer loyalty is to consistently provide fast, affordable shipping along with real-time communication.

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