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How to Put Your Shopping Cart to Work for You Part II

24Aug, 2015

In part one of How to Put Your Shopping Cart to Work for You,you learned about the shopping cart and its functions. With this basic understanding, you can customize your cart to help your e-commerce business run smoothly and profitable.

Customizing Your Shopping Cart 

While many off-the-shelf shopping carts can handle all of a small site’s needs, most e-commerce site with an inventory usually needs its cart customized. In actuality, almost all shopping carts could benefit with a bit of customizing.

To avoid paying more than you need to on a customization job, business owners need to know that it’s the beginning of a customization job — the first week — that is often the most crucial. Plenty of money can be saved up front with proper planning and clear communication during the first week of the customization.

Shopping Cart Design Guide to Increase Sales

Integrating a shopping cart into your site is about more than obtaining a merchant account and pasting a few “buy buttons”. Your shopping cart is the central tool in the checkout process and this process is the make-or-break of e-commerce. A few extra steps can make a difference between a sale and no sale.

Avoid Extra Questions

Don’t interrupt your shoppers flow during checkout. They are more likely they are to complete the process if they don’t get annoying pop-ups or requests to sign up for anything. It’s probably best to only ask for the information needed to complete the order. Additionally, some people may be put off if too much personal information is required.

Provide Specific Information

A good shopping cart will allow shoppers to easily see what purchases are in their cart and to go from what’s in that cart to the product page. Additionally, the product page should indicate that it’s on already included in the shopping cart so the customer can easily keep track of purchases when browsing through the different pages on the e-commerce site.

Saves Purchases in Your Shoppers’ Carts

Many shoppers like to add items in their cart, then return to make a final purchase. Make sure your cart allows buyers to save their items until they come back and they will more likely to return to purchase the items in their cart.

Don’t Force Shoppers to Register

Requiring your shopping cart users to register before they buy almost always drives away business. Wait until after they’ve purchased then present a “thank you” screen offering sign-up. It also helps to add that registration will make future purchases easier and that by registering will put them on a mailing list to receive newsletters, special offers and online coupons.

Quicker is Better

Your shopping cart should take a shopper quickly through the final process of shopping on your e-commerce site. For example, a three-step checkout is better than a four-step checkout. It’s also important to show customers the shipping fees as soon as possible.Otherwise, a shopper may hesitate to enter their credit card unless they know the final total.

These simple customization tips can help keep your customer coming back to purchase more items on your site. A well organized, professional e-commerce site will also install confidence in customers which in turn will more likely increase a final sale and customer loyalty.

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