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Is Australia Post a Pain or a Partner?

28Jun, 2011
Is Australia Post a Pain or a Partner?

Let’s talk about the partner that the whole fulfilment industry relies on to supply door-to-door delivery services both to the consumer and to business – Australia Post……

Australia Post is that large conglomerate that we all know very well – they probably visit your home and office more often than most members of your family. Your local postie brings you you’re birthday cards and bills – the best and worst of both worlds.

But, how well do you really know Australia Post?

We all know about their letter service – go to the post box drop in your letter & it gets there. Yes – it’s one of 21 million items delivered every day. But do you know what’s a large letter, medium letter or a parcel? Do you know what you can and can’t send via the mail? How come some mail is called clean mail? – Those envelops don’t look too dirty to me! These are just some of the dilemmas and questions that industry professionals solve and answer each and every day.

So here are a few points to think about as you think about how you should deal with Australia Post:

  • Do I want my own postal account?
    • You’ll have your own account manager but their job is to maximise the revenue they can obtain from you. Ask yourself – who’s going to help me save money on my postage bill? Australia Post or my fulfilment company?
    • Will they tell me about any other courier companies’ services? Some of these services might be better than Post.
  • Budget for a percentage of articles not to arrive.
    • Over 21 million articles are delivered every day but if 99.9%? Get to their destination OK that still leaves 21,000 that don’t.
  • Budget for fraudulent claims
    • Not every one of your customers is honest – some will claim non receipt because they know from a customer service point of view it’s easier for you to resend than argue. Don’t forget, many people live in shared houses – we all remember that drunk guy – they don’t only steal your last beer from the fridge. Needles to say there are many value for money “signature on delivery” options.
  • Size Matters
    • Australia Post has a virtual monopoly in postage but for them size is important so the volume of parcels being mailed by a fulfilment company the size of NPF gives them a lot more bargaining power with their suppliers than many clients. You therefore have the ability to take advantage of this extra bargaining power.

The best way to save money with Australia Post is to have a good Account Manager or to deal with a company who has a good Account Manager , we at NPF were lucky enough to get a good team to work with

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