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How to Make a Powerful First Online Sale

3Jun, 2016
Online Sale

Few things are more exciting to an e-commerce business owner than a first sale. It is the moment that most e-commerce owners work hard to attain. A powerful first online sale basically has two elements:

  • Make a lasting, positive impression. This will help attain repeat customers and maybe even some referrals back to your site.
  • Be able to deliver your product. Be sure you can deliver your product on time, every time.

There are a few easy ways to achieve these goals. With a little extra effort, you will be on your way to making many sales:

Create Informative and Useful Content

Visitors that check out your site are evaluating your copy and your brand in less than 30 seconds.  If you don’t “wow” a person visiting your site, because of bad graphics, boring or uninteresting copy, then you’ve wasted an opportunity which equals money.  Ask yourself if you would buy from yourself if you saw your site. Even if your product is not exciting to most people, it should be portrayed as the most exciting product for your target group. After all, the only opinion that really matters is that of the paying customer, not everyone that visits your site.

Make Your Product Great to Your Customers

Look at your competition and question why their product is better than yours. There are many ways you can compensate for shortcomings of your product, such as providing excellent customer service or being available longer hours than your competition.

It’s interesting to note that improving your product isn’t always about making things larger and better. Rather, what do you offer that no one else does.

Ensure Your Product is Delivered as Promised

When e-commerce business owners make their first sale, they continue to handle the delivery of their product. This can be a mistake as the focus should always be to sell, not necessarily to personally handle the delivery. There are some good order fulfilment centers that can help big or small e-commerce merchants deliver their products as promised so e-commerce owners can focus on growing their business.

Delivering on time will make a lasting impression on your first client as well as every client afterwards. Keep in mind that every new client is like a “first” sale.

Final note: Running an e-commerce business can be tough.  The uncertainty, the doubt can sink in your mind. It’s easy to start thinking that things will not take off unless you are extremely lucky.  Ignore those thoughts and focus instead.  Focus on what you can control: getting traffic, improving your site, product and your business skills and ethic. Your first sale will happen and with these suggestions and some work, many from there.

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