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The Many Benefits of Warehouse Automation

13Oct, 2014

You’re probably well aware that over time, warehouses are becoming increasingly automated. Warehouse automation is growing for a reason: it has a number of very real benefits for companies. Keeping up with the latest technologies can significantly increase the efficiency of your warehouse operations, save valuable money, and help keep your customers satisfied. What you want to have is a good automated warehouse management system. The recent advancements in warehouse management systems and automation technology provides retailers with more efficient, more cost-effective warehouse operations that ultimately keep customers happy and revenue flowing.

Warehouse Automation Can Increase Efficiency

In a warehouse that’s full of products waiting to be shipped to customers, it’s integral that you know where products are at all times. Warehouse automation has been a major boon for retailers in this regard. The enormous breakthroughs in computer technology over the last few decades have greatly increased efficiency in warehouses. Old-fashioned methods like spreadsheets and clipboards leave room for human error, and can be difficult to monitor constantly in real time. Centralized computer systems keep warehouse managers and warehouse personnel constantly connected, with access to real-time, constantly updated information on inventory and shipments. Automated warehouse management systems generally use bar codes, RFIDs, or other measures to provide computers, mobile devices, and the central computerized system with accurate information on where things are and where they’re going.

Warehouse Automation Can Prevent Costly Mistakes

Mistakes in a warehouse can lead to waste and inefficiency, resulting in lost revenue—an excellent reason why automation is in a company’s best interest. If a product is lost or misplaced, a “domino effect” can occur. The item and its value are lost, and for retailers, this could end up resulting in an unsatisfied customer. It also wastes time, as personnel are required to deal with and compensate for the problem that occurred—when their time could be better spent doing other, more profitable tasks.

The bar coding and real-time computer systems employed by a warehouse management system can help ensure that everything is in its place, and track the movement of goods to prevent anything from being lost. With the warehouse’s inventory constantly updated in real-time, the space for error decreases dramatically.

Warehouse Automation Creates Improvements That Lead to Customer Satisfaction

If an item is lost, or the wrong item is shipped, a customer can easily become unhappy and choose to take their business elsewhere in the future. In today’s hyper-competitive retail environment, retailers can’t afford anything less than total customer satisfaction. The accuracy and efficiency provided by warehouse automation and computerisation helps prevent errors that could cost you your loyal customers. When your picking and packing is timely and accurate, your customers stay happy and keep coming back to you.

Here’s to the Future…

Gone are the days of time-consuming, error-prone clipboards and spreadsheets. With modern warehouse management systems and warehouse automation technology, retailers can reap the benefits of increased accuracy and efficiency. A good warehouse management system will keep all information updated in real time, accessible to managers and employees who need to know at all times where things are in the warehouse, and where they need to go. Automation helps prevent lost items, shipping errors, and other mistakes that can not only present needless expenses, but upset your valuable customers.

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