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Maximise Your Effectiveness When Using Twitter

2Jul, 2014
Blue Bird

While most businesses have a Twiiter account, they often fail to see the results they would like in terms of traffic and actual conversions from visitors to buyers. Here are a few suggestions that can help you to “Tweak Your Tweets.”

Be More Connected

With such a massive amount of Tweets going out every day, it can be easy to lose a personal connection to your audience. One way you can alleviate this is by utilising the direct message feature to send more personalised messages to your followers. When you get a new follower on Twitter, take the time to look over their profile and what they are tweeting about. If you find that they are relevant to your business, then send them a direct message pointing out some positives about what they are doing.

Use Keywords to Enhance Your Profile and Your Tweets

Many people today utilise the search functions on social media networks such as Twitter and Pinterest to find relevant information and news on topics they are interested in. You can make it easier for them to find you by including specific keywords that you want to be found for.

To be sure that you are using the best keywords, take off your “seller hat” and think like a consumer. What terms would someone be searching for if they were interested in buying your product or service now? Buyers tend to use the “long tail keywords” when they are in “buying mode.” For example a search for “football” could mean a lot of things, but someone searching for “best football shoes” is looking for a specific item.

Always Include a Link to Your Website in Your Profile

It always amazes me when people don’t utilise the “free links” that the various social media networks allow. In addition, if at all possible, create a special page on your website that’s just for Twitter followers. This helps to foster a feeling that you are offering something special just for them. And keep “Top of the Mind Awareness” by reminding followers about your website in your tweets.

Use a Custom Graphic for Your Background that Flows with Your Site

You should customise the graphics for all of your social media to flow with each other and with the overall look and feel of your main website. Twitter not only allows you to have a custom header but a custom background as well. Make use of this and you will stand out from the majority of other Twitter users. Again, this is “free” real estate so make use of it to your advantage.

Give Special Offers and Discounts to Your Followers

This doesn’t apply to just Twitter, but to all of your social media interaction. Not only does providing special offers and discounts make your followers and fans feel “special,” it also helps you to track where your conversions are coming from. You can also use this strategy to encourage retweets. Try posting something like “retweet this post for a 10% discount” or “go to YOUR WEBSITE for a special offer for Twitter followers only.

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