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Maximize Your Growth on Amazon with Efficient Fulfilment Services

28Aug, 2017
Maximize Your Growth on Amazon with Efficient Fulfilment Services

Reliable turnkey fulfilment and reverse logistics for small and medium-sized businesses are essential for an effortless sales experience, for both the ecommerce seller and consumer.

Ecommerce sellers now have access to world class ecommerce solutions through a one-vendor approach to warehousing, fulfilment, packaging, transportation, and reverse logistics. Here’s how a reliable fulfilment provider can assist with these solutions:

  • Warehousing. Your fulfilment provider should be equipped to ship by any carrier. They should also make use of all techniques of optimizing delivery metrics to ensure the most efficient means of delivery.
  • Fulfilment. Customers appreciate customized email confirmations with clickable tracking links to monitor their order status with real-time updates. Backorder management systems help you keep lost sales to a minimum. Fulfilment centers use a comprehensive reporting system to quickly ascertain inventory levels, orders, sales, and financial activity. A reliable fulfilment center has the ability to handle an unlimited number of drop ship locations, complete with an inbound 24/7 contact center for orders and customer service.
  • Packaging. Choosing an independent fulfilment provider lets you have control over the packaging and branding of your product. Fulfilment providers are equipped to assemble, kit, gift wrap, prepare personalized messages with packages. From product inserts to the exterior packaging, when you choose your own fulfilment provider, you retain control of the presentation of how your product is presented upon delivery. Without a third party fulfilment provider, items sold through Amazon typically arrive in Amazon branded boxes.
  • Transportation. A fulfilment provider that has locations that serve your customer base is ideal. They can quickly ship items to local Amazon distribution centers. This means faster and more efficient delivery of products sold.
  • Reverse logistics. Fulfilment centers inspect products, segregate damages, return to vendors or recycle or refurbish back into active stock if undamaged.  The teams in fulfilment centers examine the condition of the returned item and enter it directly against the customer’s account to for billing suspensions and detailed analysis of return reasons. Products are then examined for resale, restocking, reships, exchanges or credits back to the customer. Conditions for restocking are typically set in conjunction with the ecommerce seller’s presences.

While your online business refocuses on continued growth and improving the customer experience, your fulfilment provider needs to relieve the burden of building a logistics network. They also need to provide the scalability required to meet the demand of increased growth. It is important to choose a fulfilment center that offers a quick onboarding process. This will make it easier to focus on the next stage of growth of your online business.

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