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Home Nine Reasons Why People Prefer Online Shopping (Part 1)

Nine Reasons Why People Prefer Online Shopping (Part 1)

18Jan, 2017
Nine reasons why people prefer online shopping

Unlike other shopping trends that come and go, online shopping is here to stay. There are many reasons for the appeal of online shopping, but in order to have a successful online business, you will need to understand why customers prefer online shopping. Get to know these reasons to better understand online shoppers and you will have them coming back in droves to your online store.

1) Convenience: Online shopping offers consumers the option to go shopping 24/7, even in their  pajamas. Even the busiest person can shop from your site because it’s available all the time. Online shopping allows a person to shop without having to deal with parking and having to take a small child store to store. It’s also a huge benefit for people who are elderly or disabled. They don’t have to worry about transportation and getting around a crowded mall. Convenience of online shopping is an E-commerce owner’s best friend.

2) Better savings: Online shoppers like the cheaper deals and better prices available online because products come directly from the manufacturer or seller. E-commerce sellers don’t have the overhead to deal with so they can pass the savings along to their customers. Be sure to highlight that these savings are only available online for this reason. This can help keep customers coming back to your site versus a brick and mortar store.

3) Global shopping from home: Online shoppers can get several brands and products from different, worldwide E-commerce sellers at one place. They can shop online from a worldwide selection of a specific product. Everything is just one click away. Online shoppers have access to the latest international trends without spending money on travel. This opens up a huge audience and target group for online sellers, regardless of where they are located.

4) Less spending: Online shopping helps cut down on needless spending. Online shoppers like that they can avoid the additional expense of eating out, parking garage fees, daycare costs, gas, traveling and impulsive shopping. Some shoppers consider shipping charges a fair exchange in avoiding some of these additional expenses.

5) Able to shop around: It’s hard to beat the convenience of online shopping when it comes to comparison shopping. Shoppers can easily make comparison and research of products and prices on an E-commerce site with a few clicks. They also like the ability to compare sellers and share information or reviews with other shoppers who have firsthand experience with a product or retailer. E-commerce sellers should always keep in mind that solid product descriptions and clear photos are helpful in closing a sale over competitors.

Saving money and time are always at the top of every shopper. What more and more people are discovering is that online shopping makes this an easier, faster and more enjoyable task than going to their local mall. In part 2, you will learn more on how consumers think and how to use this to your advantage as an E-commerce seller.

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