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Nine Reasons Why People Prefer Online Shopping (Part 2)

28Mar, 2017
Nine reasons why people prefer online shopping Pt 2

In the first half of this two-part article you learned about some of the reasons why people prefer online shopping and how you can benefit from those reasons. The best way to sell to your customers is to you know what makes your customers tick, so to speak. With that information you can formulate a stronger marketing plan for your E-commerce business.

6) Avoid the crowds: Most shoppers avoid the malls in order to avoid the craziness of everything it comes with, including competing with other shoppers for a convenient parking spot. Other things online shoppers don’t miss about shopping at the mall:

  • The long lines waiting to pay for purchases.
  • Having to lug purchases back to their car.
  • Crowds of rude or obnoxious people.
  • Bad food court eateries.

Remind your customer that they never have to deal with these inconveniences when they shop online, particularly from your site.

7) Privacy for sensitive purchases. Some products just are better purchased in private. The advantage of online stores is that they allow shoppers to discreetly buy items such as lingerie or adult toys without the embarrassment that other people are watching and judging purchases. Shoppers can also compare various “adult” toys on their own, without having to ask a shop clerk awkward questions. Offering very specific product descriptions and detailed pictures for these types of products will help you ensure a purchase and return customers.

8) Unique shopping experiences. Some online stores offer unique services that are not readily available in a regular store. For example, customers can shop a virtual supermarket and have their groceries delivered to them without ever leaving their home. This is a leap forward from the typical shopping experience at a brick and mortar store.

9) No more long waits at the post office. Online shoppers really appreciate that they can get gifts shipped directly to their recipient. This means they can enjoy the benefit of avoiding long lines at the post office and they can get their gift delivered faster. Offer your customers customized cards and gift wrapping to go along with your products as a special customer service. Be sure to send the products in boxes that advertise your E-commerce business.

As an E-commerce seller, you can use many of the reasons listed in this two-part article to persuade buyers to choose online buying versus shopping at their local shopping mall. From shopping in their pajamas to the convenience for elderly and disabled individuals, consumers will continue to shop online from their home or on the go through their mobile devices. Shoppers love the concept of being able to sit at home, look through various products and have it delivered to their front door. And that is very good news for E-commerce business owners!

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