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How NPF Simplifies E-Commerce Fulfilment

28Feb, 2014
NPF Simplifies E-Commerce Fulfilment

Over the last few years, mastering the concept of “e-commerce fulfilment” has become increasingly important in the world of logistics.  Not only has online retail completely changed the way customers buy goods but it has also transformed the way companies manage their supply chain processes.  Today there are more moving parts in a business’ order fulfilment process than ever before, with retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and warehouses from across the world all working together to get an end-product into the hands of the consumer.

The result is that while it may be easier than ever before for a shopper to make a purchase, the actual delivery of that product has become dramatically more complex.  That’s why NPF has developed and implemented several powerful tools and processes aimed at bringing simplicity back to the product fulfilment process.  These include:

Smart API Integration

  • In less than 10 minutes, you can be connected to our advanced fulfilment platform. In fact, our API integrates with virtually all of the most popular Online E-Commerce, CRM, and Account Platforms, taking care of computer integration, data migrations, and synchronizations between different platforms. You’ll eliminate manual data entry, import/export processes, and improve accuracy of all data management.

Best-In-Class Barcode Scanning Technology

  • All items are scanned upon being received into our warehouse, as well as when being picked and packed. The result is accurate tracking of your data, and the assurance that the right products always reach the right customers.

Fulfilment Manager 2.0

  • Because we know that visibility is key, NPF has created a powerful program called Fulfilment Manager 2.0.  This comprehensive real-time and web-based operations management tool gives you an up-to-the minute snapshot of your key fulfilment processes.  Just a few of the powerful features include…
  • A web-based and real time system that can be accessed by authorized users from any location in the world.
  • Hosted on a secured data center with Telstra, the number 1 service provider in Australia
  • Ability to import orders using all leading file formats, including: Excel, XML, Txt, CSV, and API
  • The API feed can be accepted from shopping carts such as Magento, Shopify, eBay, Becommerce, etc.
  • Accepts direct API from any system provided they comply with our API specifications.
  • Prompt email and reports available to instantly notify your company of all orders processed, back orders, orders on hold, and orders with errors.
  • Schedule automatic FTP uploads available for easy data migration to FTP sites.
  • Ability to manage your own orders once they are imported. Orders can be edited or deleted, and back orders can be managed through our simple-to-use system.
  • LCR feature allows you to identify which carrier will deliver your products for the lowest cost, guaranteed.
  • All major carrier systems, including Toll, Startrack, TNT and Australia Post, are built in to the system to produce carrier specific labels and dispatch files.
  • Returned orders can be accepted in the system, and you can even schedule an email to provide you with accurate daily return reports that also include reasons for returns.
  • Scheduled reports are emailed to you with all charges, including freight, handling cost, etc.
  • Scheduled reports will be emailed with all outstanding and overdue invoices, ensuring your business stays on track with your finances.
  • Easily pay your invoices using our system’s financial module.
  • Email notification on receipt of items to our Warehouse Management System.

Your business has enough complications without having to worry about a convoluted fulfilment process. To find out all of the ways that NPF can streamline your business processes while enhancing visibility and improving the customer experience, call 1300 8820 318 or request a quote today.

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