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Order Tracking and Product Fulfilment

6Feb, 2015
Order Tracking and Product Fulfilment

Order Tracking and Product Fulfilment: Increasing Customer Satisfaction with Up-to-Date Package Tracking

For the consumer, ordering their items online has many unique advantages. Online retailers can allow customers to find and purchase items that they may not be able to find in their geographical region, without the hassle of flipping through the thick pages of old-fashioned paper catalogues. Shopping online can also help consumers to find the best price for an item they’re interested in purchasing— an important consideration for the frugal consumer navigating today’s uncertain economic climate.

Despite the many advantages of online retail purchasing, however, there is still the problem of having to wait for the item to ship. Although same-day shipping is available in some areas and for some items, depending on the retailer and various other considerations, this is not always a viable option from a logistics perspective. Many consumers are willing to pay a little extra for expedited shipping, although others will settle for the standard shipping time. Either way, gratification is unfortunately somewhat delayed.

Today’s Consumer Expects Online Package Tracking…

In the old days before the Internet, when people ordered from paper catalogs, consumers often had to wait patiently without knowing exactly how soon a package would arrive. Luckily, real-time online package tracking has made this uncertainty a thing of the past. Consumers can now get a tracking number to look up where exactly their package is at a given time, and can even receive email notifications when their package arrives at its next stop on the way to their doorstep. Most postal services and shipping companies now offer online package tracking.

It should go without saying that for online retail product fulfilment, you should absolutely take advantage of this very useful option. Consumers generally like the ability to know for certain exactly where their package is, especially if they’re dealing with a standard “5 to 7 business days” shipping time that could vary by a couple of days. Will it really take the full week? Or will it actually make it in only four days? Now, consumers don’t have to guess and wait; they can find out at the click of a button.

Remember that Informed Customers are Happy Customers

Not only does online package tracking please your valuable customers, it can also reduce any frustration with your company that could arise if a package arrives later than the original estimated delivery time. With online package tracking, a customer can get an idea of where a package stalled or was held up. If left to guess blindly, they might be inclined to assume you were lazy about shipping their package on time; however, online package tracking can tell them for sure when this is not the case. If something happens to the package along the way, they know it’s not your fault, so they won’t mistakenly blame you and decide not to shop with you again.

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