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Regardless of your business model, it is a universal fact that one of the most effective ways to improve overall profitability within an organisation is to optimise your operations, especially within industries moving high numbers of products along a convoluted supply chain.

Third Party Logistics (3PL) and warehousing are both essential aspects of these optimisation methods undertaken by modern operations across Australia and New Zealand. 3PL is the process of outsourcing some or all of the logistics operations to a third-party partner, with warehousing going even further in the process to outsource the storing of goods in a designated location until they are ready for distribution or sale. When these two services are combined, it is known as 3PL Warehousing (3PLW), and can remove a significant logistical cost centre from your operations, as well as the stress and hassle to deliver faster returns.

At NPFulfilment, we provide leading 3PL warehousing services throughout Australia and New Zealand: Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and  Auckland. NPFulfilment is Australia’s leading 3PL warehousing provider. Our integrated logistics solutions will streamline your warehousing and transportation process while reducing expenses across several key categories. NPFulfilment is the clear choice when you require the most accurate, dependable, and cost-effective outsourced product fulfilment.

We’re proud to have expanded our third party logistics warehousing to Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Auckland, New Zealand so we can offer you 3PL warehousing services Australia-wide. Ensuring a much more consistent and cost-effective service to more Australians.

For more information on our 3PL warehouse services, contact us at NPFulfilment today by calling 1300 882 318 and receive an obligation free quote.

3PL Warehousing Services


If you currently handle your warehousing and shipping in-house, on a per-instance basis, or through a variety of carriers and providers, you’re more than likely losing money through operational inefficiencies. Businesses that switch to NPFulfilment regularly save thousands of dollars each year on their logistics costs, and we can help your company do the same thing. By letting the leading third party logistics in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Auckland handle your order management, pick, pack and process, and ship your orders, you free up your employees to focus on helping your business to grow.

Stop Worrying About Your Warehouse and Start Growing Your Business with Third Party Logistics

There are many reasons why businesses might choose to use 3PL & warehousing solutions over keeping their operations purely in-house. Perhaps the company does not have the resources or expertise to manage its own logistics operations, or maybe they are looking to save money on transportation and storage costs. Whatever the reason, using a third party can be a cost-effective way to improve the efficiency of your supply chain.

By trusting the shipments of your products to our team of 3PL warehousing experts at NPFulfilment, you become free to focus on the core competencies that make your business money. You also get a single-source provider for all of your third party logistics warehousing and transportation needs, bringing you a much more consistent and streamlined order fulfilment process. While others in your industry are forced to sacrifice profitability by rolling their warehouse and logistics expenses into their margins, your business will be realising significant cost reductions that directly increase your bottom line.

We provide full-service 3PL services and solutions including:

What Type of Businesses Need Third Party Logistics (3PL) & Warehousing Services?

There are a variety of businesses that can benefit from the services of third party logistics and 3PL warehousing services across Australia and New Zealand. What all of these businesses likely have in common, however, are high demand for their products, a low supply of warehouse space, and a large product variety.


High Demand for Products

If you are a business that has a high demand for products, it can be enticing to try and stretch your capabilities to leverage the momentum and reel in as many sales as possible. Unfortunately, it can often prove simply too difficult to keep up with the requests, leaving you to either bloat your expenses or cut down on quality control. In this case, it would be beneficial to work with 3PL and warehousing partners, as they will be able to store your products for you, ensure that they are delivered to your customers in a timely manner, and do so at just a fraction of the previous cost.


Low Supply of Warehouse Space

If you are a business that has a low availability left in your warehouse space, but are still moving a high volume of products, it can be difficult to keep up with growing production levels. Again, 3PL warehousing can either store all of your products for you, or even handle just a portion, such as during periods of increased production, saving you the investment or hiring expenses on new storage facilities locally and beyond. What’s more, the same company can then promptly make deliveries on your behalf, further assisting with your logistical capabilities, as well as storage solutions.


Large Product Variety

If you are a business that has a large product variety, it can be difficult to keep track of all of your separate products within your warehouse. Certain sections will need to be dedicated and organised for proper tracking and optimised removal and transport, likely leaving a complicated and under-utilised system, alongside added management expenses. 3PL warehousing will handle all of this for you, from storage, inventory management, to delivery.

How Can 3PLW Benefit My Business?


of all sizes are benefiting from third party logistics (3PL) and warehousing
services throughout Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Auckland and beyond. 
 By outsourcing your logistics and warehousing needs, you can save time and money while freeing up resources to focus on your core business. Here are some of the key benefits of using a 3PL provider:


Cost savings

3PL can help businesses reduce expenses by consolidating orders, optimising shipping routes, and leveraging their scale to secure discounts from carriers. In addition, 3PL warehousing services can include further value-added features such as packaging, inventory management, and order fulfilment that can also save you money.


Time savings

As a 3PL partner, NPFulfilment will work alongside you to manage all the details related to shipping and receiving goods, so you can focus on your core business. This includes tracking orders, arranging for delivery, and managing returns.


Improved efficiency

By outsourcing your logistics needs, you can improve the efficiency of your operations. Our professional teams have the expertise and resources to handle complex tasks such as order fulfilment and kitting, which can help you streamline your processes and boost productivity.


Increased flexibility

Third party logistics can help you quickly scale up or down to meet changing demands, without having to invest in additional infrastructure or staff. This flexibility can be especially helpful during peak periods or when you experience sudden growth and expand into new service areas.


Expertise and support

With NPFulfilment as your 3PL warehouse partner, we will provide you with expert advice on everything from packaging and shipping to inventory management and order tracking. Our knowledgeable staff can also help you troubleshoot problems and suggest solutions that can improve your overall logistics operations.




When choosing a third party logistics and warehouse services provider, it is important to consider the needs of your wider business. You need to partner with an organisation with a wealth of experience in the industry, with top-quality warehouse storage solutions and transport/shipping capabilities with the range of services they offer.

Partner with NPFulfilment today and immediately enjoy the benefit of lower transportation and warehouse expenses thanks to our selection of 3PL services. Wherever you are across Australia, be it Melbourne, Sydney or Perth, or across the water into New Zealand, with businesses stationed in Auckland and surrounds, we are ready to assist.

Contact us now at 1300 882 318 for your free quote.

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