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Postage Freight Systems

Postage Freight Systems
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NPFulfilment’s Advanced Freight Management System Brings You Australia’s Lowest Postage And Freight Costs In Australia

NPFulfilment’s sophisticated postage and freight system saves you money by identifying the best available deals among all suppliers in Australia.

We recognise that a variety of factors like increased fuel prices, fuel surcharges and increased consumer expectations for fast delivery, have made finding competitive pricing more difficult than ever. That’s why NPFulfilment’s logistics platform has an advanced freight management module designed to sort through virtually all of Australia’s and the rest of the world’s top freight companies and find you the most suitable carrier and absolute lowest shipping price available.

Our Loyalty Is To Your Business, Not The Freight Companies​

Our Loyalty Is To Your Business, Not The Freight Companies

NPFulfilment has chosen to stay independent so that we can provide your business with affordable pricing and the best postage and freight rates in Australia. When you save money, you stay loyal to our business – it’s that simple. We don’t have allegiance with any freight company, but we do carry accounts with:

Our cost-effective postage and freight systems are custom-tailored to meet your specific standards. Tell us where your shipment is going, when it needs to be there, and what type of customer will be receiving it. Then, our system will go to work by identifying all of the freight carriers whose services meet your requirements. Next, we’ll get several quotes in real-time, enabling us to offer you the best-priced solution for your shipping needs. Not only will you be realising significant cost-reductions, you’ll also enjoy the convenience of multiple carrier quotes from one single-source. Plus, the entire postage and freight system can be automated, saving you even more time.

Putting Money Where It Belongs: Back Into Your Bottom Line

Partnering with NPFulfilment means taking the thousands of dollars you used to give to the freight companies, and adding them back into your bottom line. And you’ll never have to worry about sacrificing quality, speed, or accuracy when choosing our advanced postage and freight system.

Postage Freight Systems
Postage Freight Systems

That’s because our logistics platform is loaded with state-of-the-art features that keep your brand and products safe, including:

Choose NPFulfilment for your postage and freight needs and start enjoying the tremendous shipping and transportation savings that our advanced technologies provide.

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