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Warehouse Inventory Management

Warehouse Inventory Management
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NPFulfilment Brings Confidence Back To Warehousing And Inventory Management

NPFulfilment is Australia’s first choice for streamlined and centralised 3PL logistics. We serve businesses in Online retail, E-Commerce, Direct Selling, Multi Level Marketing, Direct Marketing and DRTV.

We’re dedicated to providing you with the industry’s fastest and most efficient order fulfilment solution. To do this, our advanced warehousing and inventory management systems track your inventory in real time, sends notifications and communicates with your systems using a suite of api’s.


Warehouse Inventory Management

Your Order Fulfilment Should Take Hours, Not Days

NPFulfilment receives your products shipments, stores them in an allocated position within one of our AAA rated warehouse facilities, and records all activity in our Warehouse Management System. Once it’s time to ship, we’ll have it packed and ready to ship within hours of receipt. Plus, with NPFulfilment’s smart technologies, every item is scanned before packing, eliminating virtually all of the traditional pick and pack errors.

Australia’s Safest Warehouses Bring Reliability To 3PL

No matter whether your products are entering into our warehouse for a single day or several months, NPFulfilment knows that safety and security is your number one priority. That’s why our warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Auckland operate in a strict environment. Your inbound deliveries are verified and documented on entering our warehouse, and then allocated a tracking number so that you retain real-time visibility over your products.

Visibility And Accuracy With Advanced Inventory Management

NPFulfilment tracks and monitors your inventory so that you don’t have to. Beside real-time online access to all warehouse information, you can also feel confident knowing that we provide complete audit trails for all material moves along with carton tracking, serial number tracking date-lot tracking, and advanced cycle counting options. Our business is built around streamlining your order fulfilment, which is why we also handle kitting and integrated management of inventory housed in multiple locations.

When it comes to warehousing and inventory management in Australia, New Zealand, and Asia, nobody does it better than NPFulfilment.

Warehouse Inventory Management
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