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14Mar, 2014

PayPal has been around since the very dawn of Web 2.0. It’s that little innocuous yellow button that shows up on a good majority of the e-commerce websites you frequent, and the reason for its popularity is no mystery. When it comes to usability and customer satisfaction, PayPal is the obvious transaction choice. Here are 5 quick reasons buyers and merchants alike prefer PayPal.

  1. All data is completely encrypted. With each transaction, neither party will ever have access to the other party’s financial information.
  2. Checkout time is lightning fast – just enter your PayPal email and you’re all set. No tedious credit card or billing address info needed.
  3. Payments are instant. Some payment processing options take days for funds to become available to the vendor once a customer makes a purchase, resulting in a much longer packing and shipping window. PayPal deposits show up instantly.
  4. It comes with award winning support for both buyers and sellers.
  5. It’s free and it’s green! Everyone loves saving money, and with PayPal you save the planet too. No envelopes, checks, or stamps, just quick, effortless transactions.

Do you use (and love) PayPal?

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