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10Mar, 2014

Recent demographic research shows that Pinterest has topped 70 million users.  And here’s a surprise: not all of them are stay at home moms!  A significant number of men, career women, and professionals use this site as well.  In fact, so do businesses, which is why I want to give you three great tips for creating relevant boards.  Use these and you’ll be shocked to see how easy it is to build engaged and loyal followers.

  1. A board of seasonal/timely pins.  Think about all the things people do, wear, eat, and participate in each season.  Your business undoubtedly can relate something weather specific back to your brand.
  2. A board of industry related pins. There’s always news about new products, services, and advancements in your industry.  Compile interesting data and share it with your followers.  They will come to look at you as a great source of information.
  3. A board of inspirational quotes.  There are thousands of inspiring, motivational pictures on Pinterest.  Make use of them by composing a bouquet of encouragement relevant to your business.
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