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Preparing for the Next Round of Holiday Sales

9Jan, 2020
Holiday Sale Promotion

The holiday sales are not over just yet. Sure, the Christmas holiday may be over, but the second round is just about to start.  A significant part of holiday gift are ecards and online gift certificates. These gift recipients are now potential customers during the holiday shopping season. This is an online seller’s opportunity to pick up additional sales before the Valentine’s Day holiday that many countries celebrate.

Here are some last-minute tips to help drive additional online sales to boost holiday cheer and add your bottom line this season and into the New Year.

Availability and Fulfilment

Stock up on your popular items. Use your inventory management system for demand planning to make sure that you don’t run out of your holiday best sellers.  Customers do not want a rain check as their holiday gift, so make sure that you can supply the products your shoppers are looking for.

A fulfilment center can help with the second wave of holiday shopping. Don’t miss out on the chance to collect last minute sales from the second round of shopping. Fulfilment centers can get your product out quickly. This is an important step to creating brand loyalty year-round.

Email Marketing and Promotions

After holiday shopping gives you the opportunity to decorate your kits with the next holiday in mind. Offer your customers (new and loyal) something more memorable than a generic brown shipping boxes simply adorned with a shipping label.  This is a chance to use seasonal coupons, packing slips and other marketing inserts for the next big holiday.  It is these details and conveniences that will make your customers life a little easier and remember your brand next time they are shopping online. Here are some changes you can make to help boost your end of holiday sales:

  • Send reminders to your customers with abandoned carts once a week to encourage them to come back. Consider adding a discount for abandoned carts.
  • Re-engage your shoppers by emailing them a New Year’s greeting.
  • Consider adding a charity PR campaign, where a percentage of sales go to a local charity. Consumers appreciate organizations the give back to the community.

SEO & Social Media

Refreshing your website copy with SEO in mind. Look up keywords related to after the holiday shopping to draw customers who are online for “after the holiday” shopping. Reward your online followers throughout the year by offering discounts and promotions directly to them. At the same time, make the most of SEO and target after holiday shopping keywords to attract new customers.

Engage your customers in social media campaigns where you ask them to submit videos or photographs of them using your products. Customers still expect to get discounts even after Christmas has past, so give them a discount code to use. You can also use these images in your holiday advertising next year.

These suggestions will help you with online shoppers are waiting for the second round of reduced prices in which to use their gift cards and ecards. Be prepared and let them know you have the inventory and price that they are looking for.

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