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Why Respect is Key to a Successful B2B Ecommerce Relationship

28Oct, 2016
B2B Relationship

Respect is a critical ingredient in any mutually beneficial relationship, especially in the case of business-to-business buyers (B2B) and sellers. Keep in mind that respect will not necessarily be bought with extravagant or expensive gifts. Instead, it means an ongoing respectful relationship, one in which the seller shows an understanding of the buyer’s needs and works to satisfying those needs.

Be Mindful of Your Customer’s Time

Respect in a B2B context includes empathy, courtesy and thoughtfulness. Ecommerce sellers should have these abilities, or understand that they need to develop them in order to have a successful online business. Always keep in mind that B2B buyers like to quickly process transactions and get on with growing their business.

Disorganization Leads to Wasting Customers’ Time

There are very few exceptions to showing up late to meetings (in-person, phone or over the Internet) or worse, miss them. One incident of lateness early in the process may damage the entire relationship. Your B2B buyer will be thinking that if you can’t attend a meeting on time, how will you deliver your products on time? Always be on time and prepared by knowing what your customer is looking for and how you can provide the best solution for them.

Create Relevant Content on Your Ecommerce Site

For ecommerce sellers, marketing and sales content is a vital part of their business. When it comes to content, you’re battling for a space in the highly competitive ecommerce market. Show respect for your customer’s time by avoiding these time wasters:

  • Telling a prospect that your product is a fit for businesses of all sizes, when it’s really ideal for a specific market.
  • Writing case studies that go on and on before they reach the most important information ‒ the business results your customer achieved.
  • Putting videos on your site without any context. This forced prospects to spend time watching some of it to determine whether it has any value or even relevant to their business.

Those errors may send the message that your content is more important than your customers’ time. Obviously an ecommerce seller would never say that out loud, but many do through these types of actions.

Maybe the phrase, “time is money” is repeated too often, but it becomes truer every year. It’s important to recognize that by wasting customers’ time, you’re hurting their productivity and affecting their bottom line. Always work under the premise that your B2B buyers should profit from your relationship, not lose time or money. Be respectful of their time, needs and goals you will be ahead of the competition and your B2B buyers will come back to you.

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