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Social Networks and Online Stores: Ultimate Sales Combo

18May, 2016
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If you run an e-commerce business, you probably already know your customers are active on social networks and social media sharing sites. If you aren’t using social networking to sell your products or services, you’re probably missing out on keeping and getting new customers. Social networking is the ultimate word of mouth for referrals. Loyal customers are your best advocates to get the word out on almost anything you post on your social media site.

Use these four social media marketing tips for e-commerce to either get started with more social digital marketing or take your current social strategy to the next level:

  1. Go Where Your Customers Go

Key to successful social media marketing for e-commerce is choosing the right channels to reach customers. Find out where your customers are visiting by asking them. Polls work great to get the feedback of your customers. It’s also important to monitor social sites. Use a free tool like Social Mention or other similar monitoring tools.

  1. 2. Watch the Competition

New or experienced e-commerce business owners can benefit by conducting a competitive audit of their main competitors on the social web. Take note of the social sites in which customers are actively following and blogging, content the site publishes and how they promote specific products or events through social media.

  1. Make Offers Only Through Social Media

In order for your e-commerce site to gain a following on a social channel you choose, offer customers something they can’t get anywhere else. Many e-commerce business owners use social media to make special offers for new and old customers. Social media is a great way to offer “breaking news” that does not appear anywhere else, in addition to money saving offers such as free shipping.

  1. Promote Yourself

The main goal of your e-commerce site may be to sell products, but there is no reason that your social media marketing strategy cannot cover a wider range of tactics. Include some of these ideas as part of your e-commerce social media marketing strategy:

  • Share messages or relevant news stories from external sources.
  • Create a specialized blog on your website and feed blog content to your social accounts.
  • Get involved: Ask questions, participate in group discussions or poll your customers via social media.
  • Post clear, professional pictures from company events or videos.

By using all of these tips or combination of a few, you can create a following, become the go-to-source and of course, increase sales.

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