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4Apr, 2014
Social Scores

The results of Australia’s social media habits, usage, and statistical data for 2013 have arrived. Ever wondered which profile your customers spend the most time on? Which service is up-and-coming and which are fading away? Well, it turns out that Facebook is still king, with 12 million monthly Australian users. YouTube and WordPress come in second and third, but fourth place might surprise you: mini-blog platform Tumblr.

Most companies that wish to interact with their customers have a Facebook page and hopefully even a Twitter profile, and yet the latter didn’t even finish in the top five most popular social media sites. So you have to wonder if investing your time and money into Twitter even makes sense?

Do you have a business or product that would benefit from having a video blog on YouTube or a picture feed on Tumblr? Here’s the full list to see where your favorite or most-utilized site comes in: Australia’s Most Popular Social Media.

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