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E-commerce: Stand Out in 4 Easy Steps

10Jun, 2016
E-commerce: Stand Out in 4 Easy Steps

Whether you have a brick-and-mortar business or operate exclusively online, e-commerce can help your small business reach more customers, increase visibility and profits. But setting up a website and hoping that people will buy is not enough to stand out and grow your e-commerce business. Many small businesses fail to consider their e-commerce operations from a customer point of view. As a result, they see little to no online sales. You don’t have to be as big as Amazon to succeed with e-commerce, but you should still borrow some processes from successful eTailers that keep customers flocking coming back for online purchases.

1. Tell Customers Why They Should Shop Your Online Store

Avoid the mistakes many small business ecommerce sites make: failure to communicate a clear value proposition. With over 200,000 ecommerce sites in the United States alone, it’s easy to get lost among this large number of e-commerce sites. Your goal should be to stand out from these other e-commerce sites. Give your customers a reason to shop with you online, every time by answering the following:

  • Do you have a better variety of products?
  • Do you provide excellent customer service?
  • Are your low prices guaranteed?
  • Is your loyalty or reward program worth joining?

Be specific about what makes your e-commerce store unique. Highlight that with persuasive headlines and content on your e-commerce site.

2. Display High Quality Product Images

Online, images are vital to success. Clear, accurate product images can close a sale, while low quality images can push customers away, never to come back. It’s important to remember that visitors to your site can’t pick up your products and look at them, so your images have to do all the selling.

The best product images are high resolution can be enlarged, as well as views from multiple angles. Product descriptions should contain all the information your customers need, but can’t see in a photo such as dimensions, materials, colors and sizes, etc.

3. Win Customer Trust

Protection of payment information is important to online shoppers. Small business owners need to give customers clear reasons to trust that buying online from you is safe. The most important factor in ecommerce security is payment authentication. Most online shoppers know to look for signs that you’re using a secure payment gateway and unlikely to entrust their credit card or bank account to a site without encryption in place.

Additionally, it helps to have a clean site design and a customer review system that lets shoppers read and leave reviews of your products and services. This will further build trust and loyal customers.

4. Pass the Final Customer Test

Checkout processes that are confusing or irritating, can make people to leave your shopping cart and shop from your competition. A smooth checkout should be streamlined and simple for your customers. Shipping rates, privacy and return policies and customer service contact information—phone, email, or even instant chat—should be easy to find on an e-commerce site.

Following just a few of these steps can help your e-commerce store receive big gains. Putting them all into practice will yield the best results for success in your e-commerce store.

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