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The Real Reason Customers Buy from You

1Apr, 2021
The Real Reason Customers Buy from You

Your value proposition is what motivates people to choose you and your products over the countless options on the Internet. A value proposition is not just another fancy marketing term, but an important part of your success as an ecommerce seller. Here’s why: You need to know your product and your customers. A value proposition forces you to examine both. Once you know this you can write a unique value proposition that makes your company and your products appear better than the rest and irresistible to consumers.

What is A Value Proposition?

A value proposition is the value you promise to deliver to your customers once they buy your product and what persuades a customer to make a purchase. Here are three steps to help you create a solid value proposition:

  1. Gather voice of customer copy. Use the exact words of your current customers to attract future customers. This information is easy enough to get on your social media pages. You can also send out a survey to better understand how they speak about you, both to other people and to themselves. Pay attention to the lingo and expressions they use. Your visitors should identify with your product or brand. The language you use really does matter in shaping their perspective of your products.
  2. Clarity before creativity. Avoid overdoing the catchy fluff content and get down to clarity. Your value proposition needs to serve many purposes, so achieving crystal clear image can be tricky. Your value proposition should be 2-3 short sentences maximum. Every word should make your main selling point more compelling, otherwise it needs to be deleted.
  3. Avoid hype, focus on benefits. Hype, which can come in the form of superlatives (“best”) and exaggerations (“world’s best”), can be dangerous that way. A good example is how many “World’s Best Coffee” signs would you see in store windows walking down a main street. After a while they all seem the same—nothing stands out. It is more effective to focus on distinct benefits and the concrete value your product delivers. You have a great value proposition when it can answer the following about your product:
    • What are the specific benefits for your target customer?
    • How is your product both desirable and exclusive?
    • How well does it set you apart from competitors?
    • How will your product resolve the customer’s problem or improve their quality of life?

Perfect your value proposition to increase your conversion rate and improve your marketing strategies across many channels. You can gain more customers by learning to present the value your company and products have in a persuasive manner is one of the most valuable, far-reaching marketing activities.

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